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Loudly vigorous and cheerful.
  1. 'he sang in a hearty baritone'
  2. 'There is nothing like 15-20 minutes of hearty laughter in the morning to keep you in good spirits throughout the day.'
  3. 'The woman began to laugh a loud, free, hearty laugh.'
  4. 'Now, on this hot August evening, Vlad bounded across the ridge to give me a hearty Soviet backslap.'
  5. 'He bursts into loud, hearty laughter, and refuses to be drawn.'
  6. 'Once again, on behalf of the entire side of the community, I would like to extend a warm, fraternal and hearty welcome to you all.'
  7. 'She has an infectious humour, a hearty laugh and can fill a room with her cheerful personality.'
  8. 'Broadbent in particular, with his broad, hearty features stuffed into an ambiguous character, makes a lasting impact in a tiny role.'
  9. 'He received a few awed stares, many cheerful greetings and a hearty handshake from the leader of the family.'
  10. 'He is a good guy and, like all good people, he is loud with a hearty laugh.'
  11. 'Although he is now housed in an open prison, and he maintains a certain hearty cheerfulness, few doubt that Archer has been chastened by his prison experience.'
  12. 'hearty congratulations'
  13. 'I get hearty congratulations from C and we hang up.'
  14. 'He looked at me, a mixture of disapproval and hearty congratulations.'
  15. 'In particular, I wish to offer hearty congratulations on the way you outwitted the Government over the trade practices law business earlier this week.'
  16. 'His declaration won hearty approval from his peers.'
  17. 'And it's not only the name and a love of books that has filtered down through the generations but a hearty love of plants.'
  18. 'Many of us have sung Charles Wesley's great hymn with hearty approval.'
  19. 'Okay, so they have a lifestyle unique to themselves and we can give hearty thanks for that fact.'
  20. 'Besides missing the love of his life, Jonathon is having a great time playing for the Crusaders and is impressed with the hearty Yorkshire welcome he has received.'
  21. 'Anyhow I'm told they had a hearty send off that morning when Patricia, Anne, Tracey and Stephanie all turned up to cook them a lovely breakfast in the club before they set off.'
  22. 'The one thing that the fellow countrymen had in common was a hearty, mutual dislike.'
  23. 'As Numero Uno, the hearty Russell North has recognised that the club is in its youth.'
  24. 'The only thing is, I'm a little concerned, because though they're hearty folk, and far too wicked to die young, they're neither of them as young as once they were.'
  25. 'It made Duvessa proud to be from such a hearty family.'
  26. 'The cloned soldiers look, think, and act alike, and their performance in battle proves beyond a doubt that they are hearty and hale members of the human race.'
  27. 'He looks hale, hearty, and healthy - except for the wires.'
  28. 'That's the affectionate nickname for the hearty folks who will be on the pier on the coldest, most bone-chilling day of winter.'
  29. 'A hale and hearty person suddenly loses consciousness and is rushed to the hospital, with his blood pressure and pulse not recordable.'
  30. 'This adds up to considerable risk, even for hale and hearty Biff.'
  31. 'I thought that was the point, all lusty, hearty boys together at sea.'
(of food) wholesome and substantial.
  1. 'I slave for hours on end in poor working conditions just to bring you a single morsel of edible hearty food!'
  2. 'At such times, singing, dancing and of course, plenty of hearty food were part of the celebration.'
  3. 'There's proper, hearty food, and I guess there's something wintery about ale.'
  4. 'Deciding that the offered meal of a hearty beef stew would be a godsend I happily handed over the very last of my money.'
  5. 'James believes the way forward is to go backward: back to the basic, hearty food our grandmothers used to cook.'
  6. 'This is good hearty food like they had before their ancestors discovered waistlines!'
  7. 'Choose dinners under 300 calories only if they're hearty, like a protein-heavy dish.'
  8. 'It was served warm and was surprisingly hearty, with a few twigs of fresh thyme thrown in for texture.'
  9. 'If that doesn't sound hearty, just check out the ‘Hearty Fare’ section of the menu.'
  10. 'The food is hearty, the beer cold and conversation excellent.'
  11. 'Jim goes for a long walk to work up a hearty appetite for dinner'
  12. 'Maybe this venue is busier in the evenings or is attractive to families with hearty unsophisticated appetites.'
  13. 'But you may have to leave it until after your catch has been cooked up for you (try it fried in coconut batter), as you'll find all that sea air gives you a hearty appetite.'
  14. 'Sipping ales and arguing into the afternoon gave us the opportunity to work up a hearty appetite.'
  15. 'The underwear designer with the hearty appetite ordered the 10 oz prime sirloin steak garnished with sautéed onions and mushrooms.'
  16. 'Having worked up hearty appetite just thinking about all the calories burnt off in a hockey match I was in the mood for some lunch.'
  17. 'But at some point the hearty appetite begins to look like escapism.'
  18. 'As long as we have hearty appetites the delicious dumpling will always find a place on our tables and room in our bellies.'
  19. 'This is often easier for men with hearty appetites than for weight-conscious women.'
  20. 'He had a hearty appetite, took very little exercise, and spent his days sitting at his office desk and most evenings sitting in front of the fire, listening to the wireless.'
  21. 'She cited the light servings, making them well-suited for less hearty appetites.'


A vigorously cheerful and sporty person.
  1. 'Easiest of all is getting 27 able-bodied hearties to go with him, one of them a stowaway.'
  2. 'It should be noted at this stage that - contrary to what the reader might expect - the Carrick hearties were not all in the first flush of youth - some of them were in their 50s, which just goes to show what a spirited place Carrick is.'
A form of address ascribed to sailors.
  1. 'Loot deemed this a fine occasion to poke his head from Penknife's collar and give tongue to a loud ‘Me hearties!’'
  2. 'I'd like a pepperoni pizza, me hearties, and you're starting to talk like a pirate.'


1. warm-hearted; affectionate; cordial; jovial: a hearty welcome.

2. genuine; sincere; heartfelt: hearty approval; hearty dislike.

3. completely devoted; wholehearted: hearty support.

4. exuberant; unrestrained: hearty laughter.

5. violent; forceful: a hearty push; a hearty kick.

6. physically vigorous; strong and well: hale and hearty.

7. substantial; abundant; nourishing: a hearty meal.

8. enjoying or requiring abundant food: a heart

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"movements can be hearty for comforts."

"breakfasts can be hearty."

"meals can be hearty."

"appetites can be hearty."

"voices can be hearty."

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