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An untidy collection of objects placed haphazardly on top of each other.
  1. 'her clothes lay in a heap on the floor'
  2. 'She left her clothes in a tidy heap on the floor, since she didn't know where the laundry basket was.'
  3. 'You undressed quickly, leaving your clothes in an untidy heap on the floor.'
  4. 'Plastics, metals and other recyclable materials lay in heaps everywhere, waiting to be trucked to smelters.'
  5. 'This is stacked in heaps by the women and children and is set alight once it is dry.'
  6. 'Mats and blankets moldered in heaps in a corner and people seemed picky about which they selected.'
  7. 'Wet, bloody feathers lay in heaps on the floor. ‘They go in dressed, and come out undressed,’ jokes the factory manager.'
  8. 'Or, if you are planning on a Christmas theme, your Christmas wedding favors may be in the form of crackers, piled in heaps around the tables for guests to collect.'
  9. 'Helpings are always liberal and strictly in heaps.'
  10. 'Ignoring her gown from the previous evening, which lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, she opted instead for a blue and white striped shirt from the pile of clothes on the leather armchair.'
  11. 'I dug through the heap of clothes that had collected into a mountain on one corner of my room and found my favorite pair of jeans.'
  12. 'There's an unfinished attempt at a deck, no more than a heap of firewood, in one of the back corners, and a small dumping area in the other where the previous owners used to tip grass cuttings.'
A large amount or number of.
  1. 'I could list off a whole heap of things that are sitting in my room that I couldn't stand to see get broken, wrecked, destroyed or misplaced.'
  2. 'There's a whole heap of side effects with that, so it's hard to know which part was making me sicker, whether it was the disease or the drug.'
  3. 'Well I've sold a whole heap of parts to people, nobody's ever come back and asked me where I got the parts from.'
  4. 'But a whole heap of relatively strange things happened too.'
  5. 'So he had infiltrated our houses and let in heaps of ants.'
  6. 'The retro releases have resurrected the original college colors plus a whole heap of collaborations have kept the integrity intact.'
  7. 'As it was, I bought a few things for myself, and a whole heap of Christmas presents (two of which got broken on the way back, sadly).'
  8. 'But it'll also be a huge learning curve, an incredible thrill and, every once in a while, a whole heap of fun.'
  9. 'There's a whole heap of things I ought to be filling my time with.'
  10. 'I want to get to a whole heap of Art Galleries and Museums too.'
An untidy or dilapidated place or vehicle.


    A great deal.
    1. 'Anyways, thanks heaps for reviewing and don't forget to tell me what you thought of this chappie.'
    2. 'Thanks heaps for sharing you life with us and our readers.'
    3. 'Thanks heaps for the feedback and reading the story!'
    4. 'Hey everyone, thanks heaps for all the reviews, they mean so much to me!'
    5. 'Lets just say that Bron and Drew were a great help that night… thanks heaps and I'm sorry for causing trouble.'
    6. 'I still want to be able to earn some cash from writing at some point - the recent writing I've done has been heaps better than any of my earlier work - but it's going to be a slow road ahead unless I get lucky.'
    7. 'I have to say, though, that it really is a lot of fun, and heaps better than painting pebbles.'
    8. 'Also thanks heaps to all of you who have reviewed so far.'
    9. 'Thanks heaps, it means a lot to me and I'm really glad you liked it.'
    10. 'Thanks heaps for dinner and the drinks, and listening to me prattle on for a couple of hours!'


    Put (objects or a loose substance) in a heap.
    1. 'heaped up in one corner was a pile of junk'
    2. 'Coals were then heaped around the crucible, but while tending the fire the canon craftily placed above the crucible a special coal, one that had been hollowed out, filled with silver filings and stopped with wax.'
    3. 'When building homes, dusky-footed wood rats heap sticks into protective piles that may reach several feet in height and width.'
    4. 'When did they disappear, those piles of snow that had been heaped up in the park in Ripon?'
    5. 'Nothing else was about, save for the pile of small stones heaped by the grateful as a thank-offering to the ancient water spirit of the place.'
    6. 'Avoid dung or urine patches and areas where fertiliser or lime was heaped or spilled.'
    7. 'Excavation has shown that instead of removing the peat which was shallow at this point, a thin layer of sand was spread over the top of the peat, and gravel with some sand was heaped over to form a low agger.'
    8. 'The amount of garbage the city generates is staggering—piles and piles of rubbish are heaped on the sidewalks by the end of the day.'
    9. 'Each section provided men for the experiment and tons of dirt and gravel were heaped on the pavement and, for a time at least, expedited travel within the area considerably.'
    10. 'Piles of wood were heaped up at crossroads and street corners.'
    11. 'They're all heaped up in two towering piles, along with the old battening.'
    12. 'It's lunchtime on the first day of the spring term at St Peter's Church of England Primary School in East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, and the children are heaping their plates with salad.'
    13. 'The lure of the range brings out the cowpoke in all of us, along with the chance to heap a plate high with some hearty cowboy dishes.'
    14. 'Bookstore counters are heaped with books which contain one single idea: how to overcome personal disability, how to improve one's own situation.'
    15. 'I am not so sure of their total digestion, but I do recognize their omnivorousness, their heaping the plate with every piping-hot vice and outrage they could muster.'
    16. 'I ought to make a submission to the panel, but wonder at what tone to take: should I fight for my corner of the corner, or should I heap my prose with obsequies and leave it at that?'
    17. 'All the planes in the gates had their cargo doors open; the tarmac was heaped with opened suitcases and mounds of clothes.'
    18. 'This is Franklin's workshop; its shelves are heaped with junk: quires of paper, rags, hammers, tongs, bottles, wires, books, old shoes, rolls of leather, bones, feathers.'
    19. 'When they left after a few weeks, the rest, recreation and fresh fruit having cured the crews' scurvy, they were heaped with presents.'
    20. 'The U.S. soldiers lined up at the truck, heaping their plates with food.'
    21. 'The trays were heaped with chicken and potatoes and bread.'
    22. 'a heaped teaspoon of sugar'
    23. 'Make about 18 small balls of the mixture, using a heaped tablespoon of pork for each one.'
    24. 'He may be palatable in small slices, but in heaping helpings, he's enough to put you off your pudding for good.'
    25. 'Put a heaped cup of tomato sauce in the centre of the pizza and spread with the back of a wooden spoon.'
    26. 'She watched as he added a heaping spoonful to his second slice.'
    27. 'Also, check the balance with a heaped bucket of spoil.'
    28. 'Once most of the crystals have dissolved, add another heaped spoon and continue to agitate, checking periodically on your progress.'
    29. 'clouds heaped higher in the west'
    Direct a great deal of praise, abuse, criticism, etc. at (someone or something)
    1. 'these are the people who make a living from heaping abuse and ridicule on those of whom they do not approve'
    2. 'Now that I have that out of the way, let me start heaping some praise on this film.'
    3. 'The funny thing is, I think that a lot of the abuse heaped upon this movie is overstated.'
    4. 'Recalling the painful event, Shoba decides she deserved every bit of the criticism heaped upon her.'
    5. 'Even at my worst, I never believed in heaping extra abuses on any feeling being that didn't do something that warranted it.'
    6. 'Feel free to pour your scorn or heap your praise upon us.'
    7. 'But withholding comment only lets errant drivers avoid blame, which is almost invariably heaped upon the Government.'
    8. 'Adolescents have had a raw deal out of a government which heaps expectations on them which they can't meet.'
    9. 'the film has been heaped with praise by critics and audiences alike'
    10. 'Such a patently absurd claim deserves to be heaped with ridicule.'
    11. 'In recognition of their services, he heaped his ministers with titles and honours, and their wider families with patronage.'
    12. 'The show was heaped with derision for its mangling of some of the most famous lines in the English language.'
    13. 'Up to Christmas he seems to have been heaped with praise for his one-man campaign to keep the team in the Premiership.'
    14. 'Although he has been heaped with academic honors over the years, I have long thought he is not sufficiently appreciated by contemporary Christian thinkers.'
    15. 'I have been heaped with some opprobrium by opponents of the project, and the issue has created deep divisions within the town.'

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    1. a group of things placed, thrown, or lying one on another; pile: a heap of stones.

    2. Informal. a great quantity or number; multitude: a heap of people.

    3. Slang. an automobile, especially a dilapidated one.

    verb (used with object)

    4. to gather, put, or cast in a heap; pile (often followed by up, on, together, etc.).

    5. to accumulate or amass (often followed by up or together): to heap up riches.

    6. to give, assign, or bestow in great quantity; load (often followed by


    (heap)Old English hēap (noun), hēapian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hoop and German Haufen.


    at the top (or bottom) of the heap
    be struck all of a heap
    heap coals of fire on someone's head
    in a heap