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Having no guilt; innocent.
  1. 'It's patently designed to pour scorn on the English judicial process and courtroom procedure as unreliable systems, leading guiltless men to end up in prison.'
  2. 'How does he allow the innocent to suffer and the guiltless to die?'
  3. 'Will it be some innocent school child, some caring parent, or some elderly guiltless person?'
  4. 'I still cannot figure out why the machine dials the Internet every 15 minutes; I've checked every program that hankers to be online, and they all insist they're guiltless.'
  5. 'But consider: when we protest, we are in essence saying someone else is the criminal and we are guiltless.'
  6. 'The hip hop elite are predominantly black ghetto children who dreamed of wealth in guiltless innocence and are more than happy to have got their hands on some.'
  7. 'A common feature of reports is that they provide evidence that condemn a government, but conclude that those in power are guiltless.'
  8. 'Why are we not then guiltless if we thwart conscience and reason too?'
  9. 'Now it seems to have taken a wretched, guiltless man's life with it.'
  10. 'The false rumour was tatty, but the Prime Minister's guiltless acknowledgement of it was refreshing.'


1. free from guilt; innocent.

2. having no knowledge or experience; innocent (usually followed by of).

3. destitute or devoid (usually followed by of): a house guiltless of any charm.

More examples(as adjective)

"volcanoeses can be guiltless in things."

"volcanoeses can be guiltless."

"states can be guiltless."

"people can be guiltless."

"heads can be guiltless."

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