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Cautious and having possible reservations.
  1. 'Skylar stared at him for a minute, his expression carefully guarded and inscrutable.'
  2. 'As for how that future might look, Nick is more guarded than others who've recently talked enthusiastically about what possibilities lie in store.'
  3. 'In as far as he allows personal sentiment to show, he indicates a guarded, sceptical, knowledgeable and shrewd affection for both in about equal measure.'
  4. 'The Refugee Council gave a guarded welcome to the proposals, with particular support for the ending of the ‘demeaning’ voucher system.'
  5. 'She quickly hid it back again, however, her eyes becoming guarded and wary yet again.'
  6. 'He tried to entertain Holly the best he could, though she was probably scared senseless by the smell of tobacco and the guarded expression Poppy always wore under all circumstances.'
  7. 'The British Government gave a guarded welcome to the statement while stressing the need for the Good Friday Agreement to be implemented in full.'
  8. 'I watched him carefully through guarded eyes and waited until I thought he had calmed down before I spoke again.'
  9. 'At present, his guarded manner and his reluctance to discuss his previous symptoms or violent behaviour make a detailed examination of his mental state extremely difficult.'
  10. 'It's easy to see why MacLeod has to remain guarded and wary of all those he encounters.'


1. cautious; careful; prudent: to be guarded in one's speech.

2. protected, watched, or restrained, as by a guard.

More examples(as adjective)

"pens can be guarded in languages."

"tones can be guarded in/at/on times."

"tones can be guarded in/at/on dates."

"people can be guarded with comments."

"people can be guarded in movements."

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