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Given or allowed only reluctantly or resentfully.
  1. 'There was a general, reluctant, grudging assent to do this, but they were all complying when suddenly a voice broke in.'
  2. 'Often, only the pressure of the spending timetable in the plan forced grudging assent out of some of the voting members.'
  3. 'While there was a grudging acceptance that amalgamation would proceed, there were two troubling outcomes.'
  4. 'But I do think there's been a willingness, or even a grudging willingness, to accept this as a good first step.'
  5. '‘All the financial investment would have been for nought if our staff were working with sour faces and a grudging attitude,’ he said.'
  6. 'Well, calling this a grudging or a reluctant acceptance is a huge understatement, Bob.'
  7. 'He was not even gracious enough to apologise and did not do so until some time later when it became expedient, in terms of his public image, to offer a grudging and less than grovelling apology.'
  8. 'And this isn't just a grudging type of support offered through clenched teeth: they are advertising the fact with a huge ‘Good Luck England’ poster filling an ornate window.'
  9. 'First you get a period of moral panic, then a grudging, dismissive acceptance, and then, eventually, a recognition of cultural worth.'
  10. 'The First Minister eventually decided to go to Normandy, but his decision to do so, and the accompanying apology, was seen as grudging and petulant.'
  11. 'a grudging admirer'
  12. 'Every mouthful of food was an acute positive pleasure, now that it was truly their own food, produced by themselves and for themselves, not doled out to them by a grudging master.'
  13. 'He isn't even a grudging fan of the artist.'


1. displaying or reflecting reluctance or unwillingness: grudging acceptance of the victory of an opponent.

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"places can be grudging in responses."

"acceptances can be grudging."

"admirations can be grudging."

"approvals can be grudging."

"respects can be grudging."

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