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A number of people or things that are located, gathered, or classed together.
  1. 'the bulbs should be planted in groups'
  2. 'He divided twenty-four of the plants into six initial groups of four, in order of size as estimated by eye.'
  3. 'The sheets would be cut to approximate size, then they would be gathered into groups of three or four, folded in half and trimmed to the correct size.'
  4. 'Some walkers warned a group of four boys to get off the frozen river at Water End.'
  5. 'You go to classes all day long and take notes and participate in group discussions.'
  6. 'They tend to gather in groups and take short flights out to sea and back in again, practising for their long journey back out onto the ocean.'
  7. 'Therefore tomato plants should be gathered in groups of 6 on either side of the front gate.'
  8. 'We stood on the corner of one of the back roads when we were approached by a group of young boys aged about 10 to 12.'
  9. 'Stars are not scattered randomly through space, they are gathered together into vast groups known as galaxies.'
  10. 'As they approached the group of men gathered round her tents, she screamed in horror.'
  11. 'To find answers this programme gathered together a group of eminent people from a variety of backgrounds.'
  12. 'Aid organisations and campaign groups, however, were less enthusiastic.'
  13. 'Women were organised into groups and group leaders were appointed.'
  14. 'Both groups come together to share workshops, intensive training and performances.'
  15. 'Money left over is to go towards a new parish council noticeboard and the remainder will be shared among local groups.'
  16. 'Ten minutes later, we were organized into groups, and sent outside into the inviting rain.'
  17. 'When another publisher picked up the book and the controversy, feminist groups attempted to organise a boycott.'
  18. 'For once the onus has not been placed solely on women's groups and non-governmental organisations.'
  19. 'Your efforts to include many groups and organisations are excellent.'
  20. 'They range from individual registrants to private organisations, community groups and schools.'
  21. 'The big unanswered question: who benefits from largesse - interest groups or the common voter?'
  22. 'the largest newspaper group in the UK'
  23. 'Many official bodies and commercial groups regard stickers and pasted posters as closely related to graffiti.'
  24. 'The promotion is the first time Scotland's seven major newspaper publishing groups have collaborated on marketing.'
  25. 'We start with a joint session between the contracts and commercial law groups.'
  26. 'Some general practitioners have moved from group to chain ownership of practice premises.'
  27. 'One of the most influential British indie groups of recent years have announced they are to split.'
  28. 'Are they a natural conclusion to what the girl-led indie groups of the mid 90's didn't finish?'
  29. 'Sharing the bill with The Beatles were the somewhat-overlooked group The Briarwoods.'
  30. 'The three groups represented on this album feature the ultimate in the sound and soul of brass band music.'
  31. 'We're only influenced by two groups and that's the Beatles and the Stones.'
  32. 'Well ya gotta hand it to this super group for hammering together a release to be proud of.'
  33. 'Robert is joined by Vincent Courtois on cello and Cyril Atef on drums in a chamber jazz group of the highest order.'
  34. 'Musically, the group captures a pressing sense of urgency devoid of anything trite or gimmicky.'
  35. 'It is yet another landmark in the career of one of soul music's greatest groups.'
  36. 'On the evidence of this album, the group appear in complete and remarkable control of their art.'
  37. 'His most characteristic works were figures or groups of a historical, literary, allegorical, or symbolic nature.'
A set of elements occupying a column in the periodic table and having broadly similar properties arising from their similar electronic structure.
  1. 'a methyl group'
  2. 'Solitary lines are from the fatty acid terminal methyl groups, triglyceride backbone carbons, and carboxyl carbons.'
  3. 'Glycerol is a polyhydroxy alcohol containing three carbon atoms and three hydroxyl groups.'
A set of elements, together with an associative binary operation, which contains an inverse for each element and an identity element.
  1. 'He studied primitive permutation groups and proved a finiteness theorem.'
  2. 'Although Galois had used groups extensively throughout his paper on equations, he had not given a definition.'
(in systemic grammar) a level of structure between clause and word, broadly corresponding to phrase in other grammars.
  1. 'The conventional belief is that speech is made up of individual words, whereas we really speak groups of words.'


Put in a group or groups.
  1. 'The benches and chairs were grouped in a circle around them.'
  2. 'Some are grouped in ‘teams’ who compete to develop the most effective viruses.'
  3. 'The evening session was more lively with the Club conducting a competition for the children, who were grouped into three teams.'
  4. 'Apparently, all of the stocking stuffers are grouped on said tables, so I can find them more easily.'
  5. 'There are eleven, grouped in two clusters of seven and three and one more isolated.'
  6. 'The works are grouped into five areas that examine cultural differences in the construction of time.'
  7. 'Police and security services are even grouped around every transport link, every city square, and any site of some nominal importance.'
  8. 'Dark leather chairs were grouped opposite her father's desk, and a dark burgundy oriental rug adorned the black walnut hardwood floor.'
  9. 'We took our places at the table and we were grouped with folks we'd never met before.'
  10. 'I'm going to try to group a team together, so if you are interested in taking part leave a message in the comments below or email me.'
  11. 'molluscs are grouped into seven different classes'
  12. 'As the cumbersome title suggests, the material is grouped under three rubrics.'
  13. 'Eleven manufacturers who received five to seven nominations were grouped into Category 1.'
  14. 'Clearly all of the issues grouped together under the heading of management learning are important.'
  15. 'The respondents were asked to list their current concerns and these concerns were grouped into major categories.'
  16. 'It noted, however, much overlap among the charges, and that all could be grouped within the inclusive category of crimes against humanity.'
  17. 'He then grouped all known flowering plants according to the number of such structures that each had.'
  18. 'Camera specs and tests are listed by brand and grouped by number of megapixels.'
  19. 'These two forms can be grouped further into two classifications described as opened and closed forms.'
  20. 'The classification is based on grouping the metabolites into primary and secondary.'
  21. 'To simplify matters, single malts are often grouped according to the region where they are produced.'
  22. 'The fancied riders grouped together at the tail-end of the field, separated by two minutes as is the new practice in major events.'
  23. 'In the same year, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter were seen grouped together'
  24. 'From the time the Hurricanes grouped together pre-season for a one month training session in New Plymouth, it's been special.'
  25. 'It's well understood that people will group together with others who think in the same way.'
  26. 'When insurgents group together, they lose their mobility and present attractive targets.'
  27. 'They grouped together at Half-London, a collection of little shops lined along a dusty road at the bottom of Tank Hill.'
  28. 'They grouped together, raised their guns, and began to fire at the ship.'
  29. 'She visited the city's Spanish quarter where families and individuals are grouping together to support each other as they wait to hear more news of their families and friends.'
  30. 'The outlets of George's Court Shopping Centre grouped together to offer one of their customers this great day out.'
  31. 'They are often found in groups of hundreds or thousands, flying in long lines or grouped tightly together on the water.'

More definitions

1. any collection or assemblage of persons or things; cluster; aggregation: a group of protesters; a remarkable group of paintings.

2. a number of persons or things ranged or considered together as being related in some way.

3. Also called radical. Chemistry. two or more atoms specifically arranged, as the hydroxyl group, –OH.Compare free radical.

4. Linguistics. (in the classification of related languages within a family) a category of a lower order than a subbranch and of a

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"profits can be group."

"interests can be group."

"responses can be group."

"oppositions can be group."

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Late 17th century: from French groupe, from Italian gruppo, of Germanic origin; related to crop.