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A device on a cooker that radiates heat downwards for cooking food.
  1. as modifier 'a grill pan'
  2. 'Return the peppers to the grill pan and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese.'
  3. 'Brushing the kebabs with olive oil, I stick them under the grill and start preparing the salad.'
  4. 'There were few people at the moment, but there were barbecue pits with picnic tables and four large covered areas with huge open grills and rows of tables.'
  5. 'If using a charcoal grill, preheat it to medium.'
  6. 'Grill small sardines on the open grill and serve with a twist of lemon and a healthy shake of freshly ground black pepper.'
  7. 'An elegant fusion of Asian and Western elements in the design extends to the dishes - noodles, pasta, tempura, grills and rotisserie - on offer throughout the day and evening.'
  8. 'But hoummos has another, second life as an accompaniment to simple grills, served on the side in the same way that you would serve mashed potato or a parsnip purée.'
  9. in names 'the Savoy Grill'
  10. 'The local Indian restaurant has become a grill room, with South African and Australian flags outside.'
  11. 'There's an authentic 1930's cocktail bar, a delightful, parasol-covered garden café and an elegant grill room beneath the spectacular cupola, with mosaic floors and stained glass windows.'


Cook (food) using a grill.
  1. 'Braised kidneys are liked in France, and kidneys grilled on skewers are popular in the Near and Middle East.'
  2. 'The thick pork was nicely grilled, yet the mustard taste came only from a mustard dressing smeared on top.'
  3. 'To grill bell peppers, rinse them and cut them in half lengthwise; then discard stems and seeds.'
  4. 'Piri-piri sauce, usually used as a marinade, is fiery and oily, which makes it perfect for roasted or grilled meats.'
  5. 'Delicious, light and airy ciabatta bread was lightly grilled and spread with aioli.'
  6. 'Split the muffins and lightly grill the insides only.'
  7. 'I think it had been brushed with butter, well seasoned, then grilled.'
  8. 'The men were drinking beer and grilling sausages on gas-fired barbecues.'
  9. 'Hey, what do you think about grilling some chicken on the barbecue for dinner?'
  10. 'Small tasty dishes such as grilled aubergine, peppers and courgettes or bruschetta are there to get your stomach interested.'
Subject (someone) to intense questioning or interrogation.
  1. 'they faced a grilling over the latest results'
  2. 'My mom took to grilling me almost daily on my plans and goals.'
  3. 'He was grilled in the witness box for 15 days by the prosecution and defence barristers.'
  4. 'She was waiting at the door when we came around the corner ready to grill us.'
  5. 'I went in to ask them questions, and they ended up grilling me for about six hours.'
  6. 'They had started grilling him at 2.45 pm but it was not until long after sunset that the prosecutors played what they saw as their master card.'
  7. 'A search warrant was produced while he was ushered into the living room where he was grilled for 15 minutes.'
  8. 'I was basically grilled for an hour and a half rather than interviewed.'
  9. 'Every time I come home from school, they grill me about what I learned that day.'
  10. 'He was grilled by students, parents, teachers and children opposed to his flagship university policy.'
  11. 'Knowing Jen the way I do she'll probably grill me until I tell her everything.'


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    1. a grated utensil for broiling meat, fish, vegetables, etc., over a fire; gridiron.

    2. a dish of grilled meat, fish, etc.Compare mixed grill.

    3. grillroom.

    4. Philately. a group of small pyramidal marks, embossed or impressed in parallel rows on certain U.S. and Peruvian stamps of the late 19th century to prevent erasure of cancellation marks. verb (used with object)

    5. to broil on a gridiron or other apparatus over or before a fire.

    6. to subject to severe and persisten

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    "fish can be grilled."

    "steaks can be grilled."

    "sardines can be grilled."

    "chickens can be grilled."

    "bacons can be grilled."

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    (grill)Mid 17th century: from French gril (noun), griller (verb), from Old French graille ‘grille’.