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Reduce (food) to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater.
  1. 'A popular dessert is grated banana cooked in sweetened coconut milk.'
  2. 'Depending on age and skill level, many children can grate cheese, shred lettuce, mix batter, and more.'
  3. 'When required to make plum pudding, the chefs would draw out measured quantities of the mixture and add fresh apple and grated carrot, besides spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg.'
  4. 'However, I always have a dish of finely grated hard cheese to sprinkle over.'
  5. 'The sauce includes ground beef, tomato paste, garlic powder, eggs, grated cheese, and a dash of curry powder.'
  6. 'These are sponge-cake cubes coated with chocolate and grated coconut.'
  7. 'Traditional additions to such a risotto would include finely grated lemon rind, and freshly picked peas with lots of black pepper.'
  8. 'You can also grate the crumbs by hand using a cheese grater.'
  9. 'I spent the evening cooking the meat, heating the refried beans, grating cheese, shredding lettuce, chopping vegetables and frying the tortillas.'
  10. 'For an extra treat, you can add some grated cheese or chopped tomatoes to the stuffing.'
Make an unpleasant rasping sound.
  1. 'A key grated in the lock, and the door swung open.'
  2. 'The sound of police boots grating on the stone floor adds an ominous tone to the prison scenes.'
  3. 'Lilly snickered, her breath rasping and grating as she tried to move her head closer to her mistress.'
  4. 'Mid-sentence, her voice morphed into something ugly and grating, something rough and cold and frightening.'
  5. 'His thoughts were confirmed when he heard the sound of rusted metal grating.'
  6. 'As the sound grated through my fluffy pillows, I sighed heavily, and debated whether I should bother getting up for school.'
  7. 'I was awakened suddenly this morning by the terrible sound of metal grating upon metal.'
  8. 'Loud, grating, obnoxious sound effects spew from your speakers at seemingly random times.'
  9. 'the buzzing sound grated on her nerves'
  10. 'The girl's gentle laughing grated on Allie for some strange reason while her eyes followed the woman's movements.'
  11. 'However annoying it was and however much it grated on her nerves, something in the back of her mind told her to leave it as it was.'
  12. 'The incessant barking of the bloodhounds grated on Bryony's nerves, and Drake's movements jarred her concentration.'
  13. 'Her voice is kind of strange actually, a nice sound but some notes grate on the nerves as she sings on about nothing but love and loss.'
  14. 'The laughter grated on his ears as it echoed off the walls.'
  15. 'While the film moved me, it grated on some critics.'
  16. 'He wasn't slimy or anything, just had an attitude that grated on my nerves.'
  17. 'All that has happened is that changes in pronunciation have grated on the ears of some people.'
  18. 'Maybe that was nice British talk, but those words grated on Paul.'
  19. 'It grated on him when his advice was not heeded, more so because it often turned out that he had been more right than wrong.'


The recess of a fireplace or furnace.
  1. 'The only light came from, of all things, a fire burning merrily in the grate.'
  2. 'A fire was burning in the grate, sending the chill from the air.'
  3. 'For instance, in a period decor Victorian grates are popular while for modern tastes there is a vast range of controllable fires in a variety of styles and finishes.'
  4. 'The floor was of stone, covered by the largest Turkish rug she had ever seen and, to the rear of the hall, a log fire crackled and burned in its enormous grate.'
  5. 'I look up from the fire grate where the last papers brown and curl.'
  6. 'We were met by Bob's wife and welcomed as though we had got there on time. There was a lovely coal fire burning in the grate, which had been kept ‘banked up’ all day pending our arrival.'
  7. 'When everyone seemed to be looking the other way, Mr Wright slipped into another room and took off his outfit, and then he quietly returned to the fireside where only a very small fire burned in the grate and sat down.'
  8. 'There was a fire burning in the grate, a miraculous thing.'
  9. 'She pointed out, glancing over at its flames, burning on the grate.'
  10. 'Anthony then sees the grate of the fireplace wide open, and fire burning strongly.'
A grating.
  1. 'He tossed the heavy iron grate aside and pointed into the gaping hole of darkness.'
  2. 'He removed the ventilation grate aside, allowing himself to slide back onto solid ground again.'
  3. 'The lock came off in his hands, and he pushed open the grate.'
  4. 'The windows to the building are covered with mesh grates, the doors locked.'
  5. 'Jonathan, however, was busying himself with a grate in the floor.'
  6. 'Back then, they still had the old grate in the floor.'
  7. 'Unfortunately, he could also see it was blocked off by an impassable steel grate.'
  8. 'Half-way through rolling it, something peculiar revealed itself: a metal grate in the floor.'
  9. 'Always place food on the cooking grate with tongs or a spatula.'
  10. 'Steel grates are significantly stronger than the concrete being used and safer for the general public.'

More definitions

1. a frame of metal bars for holding fuel when burning, as in a fireplace, furnace, or stove.

2. a framework of parallel or crossed bars, used as a partition, guard, cover, or the like; grating.

3. a fireplace. verb (used with object), grated, grating.

4. to furnish with a grate or grates.

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"rinds can be grated."

"cheeses can be grated."

"nutmegs can be grated."

"juices can be grated."

"apples can be grated."

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(grate)Middle English (meaning ‘a grating’): from Old French, based on Latin cratis ‘hurdle’.