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Resembling or consisting of small grains or particles.
  1. 'Crystals to 3 cm are reported, although most cubanite occurs in isolated grains, granular masses, or thin lamellae in chalcopyrite.'
  2. 'The researchers think this lessening of friction may occur among the grains in granular flows, such as snow cascading down a mountainside.'
  3. 'This in turn seems to encourage producers to use better-quality coffee beans so that the finished product gains a double aroma and flavour advantage over the powder and granular style.'
  4. 'Snowflakes comprise the familiar loose aggregates of ice crystals which often adopt a hexagonal and branched form; there are also snow and ice pellets, snow grains, granular snow, and ice prisms.'
  5. 'Tillage helps to break down the compact structure of the soil, providing granular soil particles more favorable to root development and planting slit closure.'
  6. 'Soylife is the only soy product on the U.S. market that offers the complete nutritional profile of soy germ in three powder forms: granular, flour or extra fine flour.'
  7. 'Its flesh is crisp and slightly granular, with a strong aroma and a sharp but agreeable flavour.'
  8. 'Because of the fragmentation of nuclei and the disruption of cellular membranes, coarse granular particles are formed.'
  9. 'In its pure form, calcium oxide occurs as white crystals, white or gray lumps, or a white granular powder.'
  10. 'In the dry state, granular soil particles can be easily separated and identified.'
  11. 'The spines have a granular surface, do not show growth lines, and were probably solid.'
  12. 'Each granular layer beneath the asphalt concrete surface should be carefully compacted by power driven equipment until the rear tires of a fully loaded dump truck do not sink at all into the surface.'
  13. 'Unabashedly physical, the surfaces of his canvases luxuriate in a granular abundance of color.'
  14. 'Then he characterized the paper support as a granular surface of impenetrable dark green.'
  15. 'Sold by the roll, these products are made of layered neoprene rubber, often with a granular surface bonded to the top side.'
  16. 'White's hands were pressed against some loose, granular surface.'
  17. 'The pavements comprised thick asphalt surface layers over unbound granular material.'
  18. 'He painted a bright red circle onto the granular surface of the sandpaper.'
Characterized by a high level of granularity.
  1. 'At a granular level, the movement-in-formation is moving in different directions.'
  2. 'Even structured information in databases is subject to this process, as database software is now building in flexibility at the most granular level to move information from different servers or storage pools.'
  3. 'Librarians' knowledge of metadata facilitates at a granular level control of, and access to, information.'


1. of the nature of granules; grainy.

2. composed of or bearing granules or grains.

3. showing a granulated structure.

4. highly detailed; having many small and distinct parts: data analysis on a granular level.

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"spineletses can be granular of sides."

"stainings can be granular."

"materials can be granular."

"textures can be granular."

"superconductors can be granular."

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Late 18th century: from late Latin granulum (see granule) + -ar.