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Like glue in texture; sticky.
  1. 'The restaurant also provides traditional dim sum, such as date paste shortbread and shaomai - the steamed buns stuffed with glutinous rice, diced meat and mushroom.'
  2. 'The rice was light and fluffy and not sticky or glutinous in any way, coming straight from the ever-present rice cooker.'
  3. 'And for that super glutinous thickened stew texture I added a couple of teaspoons of flour.'
  4. 'Mom's cooking glutinous rice balls in the kitchen.'
  5. 'A type of rice grown in the Far East known as glutinous or sticky rice contains no proteinatious gluten and owes its sticky nature to a waxy carbohydrate.'
  6. 'The fat crab with rich meat and roe is stir-fried with curry, and served with steamed Thai rice, glutinous rice, bacon, carrot, onion and chili.'
  7. 'Mochi is a glutinous rice coating; if you've ever tried Thai sticky rice, it kind of tastes like that (without the coconut flavor) and the consistency is closer to gummy bears.'
  8. 'Whereas in central and southern Thailand polished white rice is eaten, in the north and northeast people eat glutinous or sticky rice.'
  9. 'Using soil mixed with lime, sand, polished glutinous rice, sugar, bamboo and wood, people put the materials through complex processing, then used them to make the buildings.'
  10. 'A wide assortment of dim sum selections for lunch include shrimp spring rolls, steamed glutinous rice with dried scallops wrapped in lotus leaves and chilled red bean cake with coconut milk.'


1. of the nature of glue; gluey; viscid; sticky.

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"rices can be glutinous."

"muds can be glutinous."

"substances can be glutinous."

"negotiations can be glutinous."

"liquids can be glutinous."

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Late Middle English: from Old French glutineux or Latin glutinosus, from gluten ‘glue’.