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Dark or poorly lit, especially so as to appear depressing or frightening.
  1. 'This morning, there has been no rain, but the sky still looks dark and gloomy.'
  2. 'Gradually he became an outcast, and on a dark gloomy day, he took a vow.'
  3. 'We explored lots of gloomy, wet and dark alleys.'
  4. 'He never noticed it before, but the door was dark and gloomy.'
  5. 'I believe it is still up there because otherwise it would be pitch dark instead of just gloomy.'
  6. 'Hesitating she stepped into the gloomy dark, dank hall.'
  7. 'Or you might want to follow the route, looking for phantoms on a suitably dark and gloomy night.'
  8. 'The limo windows were tinted, making it appear dark and gloomy outside.'
  9. 'The sea is sparkling, the drowned city is dark, and gloomy.'
  10. 'There was no light on up there, and it was very dark and gloomy.'
Causing or feeling depression or despondency.
  1. 'The concrete was moist and cold, and the atmosphere was cold and gloomy.'
  2. 'When I turned on the radio it was to be told that, contrary to yesterday's gloomy forecast, the weather is to become mild again for the days running up to Christmas.'
  3. 'The gloomy atmosphere of the church radiated around the pedestal.'
  4. 'The atmosphere during those closing moments was gloomy, depressing and discouraging.'
  5. 'The gloomy forecast will come as a blow to the struggling industry, which was only just beginning to recover from the effects of the foot and mouth crisis earlier this year.'
  6. 'Yet fewer still are - in private - able to hide their sense of gloomy despondency.'
  7. 'There was hardly a light in the place; the dimness set a gloomy atmosphere in the office.'
  8. 'The album maintains a gloomy atmosphere, but the feeling modulates.'
  9. 'All of a sudden, the gloomy atmosphere of the time stop disappeared.'
  10. 'Lauren dreaded walking inside again; the gloomy atmosphere was depressing and made her miss her father even more.'


1. dark or dim; deeply shaded: gloomy skies.

2. causing gloom; dismal or depressing: a gloomy prospect.

3. filled with or showing gloom; sad, dejected, or melancholy.

4. hopeless or despairing; pessimistic: a gloomy view of the future.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be gloomy about outlooks."

"numbers can be gloomy for gasolines."

"sentiments can be gloomy in days."

"sentiments can be gloomy after falls."

"polls can be gloomy for governments."

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