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Fit panes of glass into (a window or door frame or similar structure)
  1. 'Zelda built an extremely elaborate doll's house for Scottie, which she painted, wallpapered, and furnished, even going so far as to glaze the windows.'
  2. 'The outer single skin of the thermal flue is glazed with laminated single-paned glass.'
  3. 'I decided to glaze my greenhouse with fiberglass rather than regular glass.'
  4. 'I hope to have the old frames out by tomorrow lunch time and the window frames built and glazed sometime tomorrow evening before it gets dark.'
  5. 'A central walk-in shower cubicle with a hardwood glazed door is flanked by a white Heritage wash basin.'
  6. 'I hope I can be there to see him on the morning he swoops in great blackness to re-enter his new palace and discovers that the window has been glazed.'
  7. 'An iron framework that was glazed with panes of thick glass.'
  8. 'Black marble steps lead to the front door, part glazed in the rectangular panes that are a signature feature of the property.'
  9. 'Two three-storey blocks of offices flank a central glazed atrium.'
  10. 'The sandstone, glass and zinc building includes glazed staircases, landscaped courtyards and a high-level glass bridge.'
Overlay or cover (food, fabric, etc.) with a smooth, shiny coating or finish.
  1. 'I grab a chocolate glazed doughnut and sit with it and my coffee at the counter.'
  2. 'Over the last five years he has explored the possibilities of hand-built, richly glazed ceramic sculpture.'
  3. 'Mia scampered off into the kitchen and came back with some scones with honey butter glazed on them.'
  4. 'The Indian navy has salvaged canons, porcelain and brown glazed pottery among other things.'
  5. 'Saute over high heat until vegetables are cooked through and glazed with butter.'
  6. 'What you expect are plump oysters, set on cushion of fresh, blanched spinach, napped with a buttery emulsion and flashed under the grill, just enough to cook the oyster and glaze the sauce.'
  7. 'When glazed on both sides, the casserole is meant for oven cooking only.'
  8. 'The safest option is a glazed ceramic pot that has been fired at a high temperature.'
  9. 'After an all-day epic you wouldn't be crazy enough to stuff 10 glazed doughnuts into your mouth.'
  10. 'Mango pudding made from fresh mangos was my favourite, while the barbecued pork with honey glazing uses the tender meat at the neck rather than the traditional ribs.'
Lose brightness and animation.
  1. 'she had a glazed look in her eyes'
  2. 'When performing, her eyes seem to glaze over, creating what seems to be a hypnotic state, both for the performer and the audience.'
  3. 'Before your eyes glaze over and you run screaming to the mall, $4.50 latte in hand, think for a moment about how you will pay your bills when your career ends.'
  4. 'Her eyes glazing with tears, Martina stares at him as he walks behind her.'
  5. 'Their eyes glaze over when you talk to them about the problem.'
  6. 'Today I made a big pot of corn and tomato stew and think I'll sit inside, watch the clouds and read magazines until my eyes glaze over.'
  7. 'Last night I was reminded once again that despite my best intentions, political discussions make my eyes glaze over like two yummy little doughnut holes.'
  8. 'Her voice was firm, almost amused, but her eyes were still slightly glazed over.'
  9. 'Here, my eyes would glaze over as I flash backed to the summer I spent putting little purple microdot tabs of mescaline in my mouth, waiting for that hallucinatory high.'
  10. 'Her sharp green eyes were glazed over and not focused as she stared down the wooden table.'
  11. 'Lyra's eyes glazed slightly, trying to explain.'


A vitreous substance fused on to the surface of pottery to form an impervious decorative coating.
  1. 'As the glaze melts in firing, it fuses with the decoration, forming a glossy surface that maintains the line quality of the surface decoration.'
  2. 'Strontium sulfate is sometimes used to produce iridescence in glass and pottery glazes, and can also be used as a fining agent (to remove bubbles in the molten glass) in crystal glass.'
  3. 'Potters also discovered that the ash could be used to create glazes for ceramic crafts.'
  4. 'After the bisque firing has been completed, the item is ready for glazing - the glaze is made from elements extracted from the Earth.'
  5. 'Its color is derived primarily from the clay, but can be varied even further with coatings, glazes, and other additives.'
  6. 'Later, colorful enamels were added on top of the clear glaze.'
  7. 'My new pots are clay and are finished with a decorative glaze.'
  8. 'A transparent glaze is applied overall and, finally, the piece is fired again.'
  9. 'Each student may choose no more than two different glazes - this helps to eliminate the problem of runny glazes caused by too-thick coatings.'
  10. 'the glaze of the white cups'
  11. 'The scabbard was decorated with patterns much similar to that of the hilt, and was enameled in a smooth glaze.'
  12. 'It is then fabric-painted and polished to give it a glaze before being fixed on the base object.'
  13. 'I sometimes use liquid matt glazes and sometimes use gloss glazes.'
  14. 'When used in media such as egg tempera these pigments are insufficiently transparent to make true glazes.'
  15. 'He drew with his brush in transparent glaze and build up form with multiple stokes.'
A liquid such as milk or beaten egg used to form a smooth, shiny coating on food.
  1. 'Succulent beef was grilled and marinated in a spicy glaze then tossed with hot chilies, fresh cilantro leaves, and cooling slices of cucumbers.'
  2. 'In a small skillet, melt remaining butter; add carrots and chicken stock and cook until liquid in pan has reduced to a glaze.'
  3. 'Their screams are a honey glaze like you might find pooling beneath a baklava.'
  4. 'Wacky Pennies are made of a delicious South American imitation chocolate with a fine brownish sugar glaze.'
  5. 'Fold in the egg whites, apricot glaze, food coloring and mint extract.'
  6. 'They tasted like glue and the honey glaze was too hard I nearly lost a tooth.'
  7. 'They are a traditional ring doughnut with a wafer thin sugar glaze.'
  8. 'Use a spoon to spread a little glaze on each bun, in the shape of a cross.'
  9. 'Brush the glaze over each filet one minute before cooking is through.'
  10. 'Lobster bisque is solid, but the lobster roll is mushy, gaining zippola from a pepper glaze.'
A thin, glassy coating of ice on the ground or water.
  1. 'There may be a thin glaze of ice where water is standing.'

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1. having a surface covered with a glaze; lustrous; smooth; glassy.

2. fitted or set with glass.

3. having a fixed, dazed, or lifeless expression.

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"windows can be glazed."

"doors can be glazed."

"eyes can be glazed."

"tiles can be glazed."

"looks can be glazed."

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Late Middle English glase, from glass.