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An assembly or meeting, especially one held for a specific purpose.
  1. 'At least, it offered a jolly background for the family gathering.'
  2. 'Denise was delighted to inform the assembled gathering that no less than four talented women from the community were set to entertain and inform.'
  3. 'Rather than a peaceful gathering, the assembly descended into an auditorium-wide field of skirmishes that ended in 11 suspensions and two arrests.'
  4. 'We build this country one person at a time, she told the assembled gathering at the college.'
  5. 'The purpose of the gathering is to give tourism outlets a chance to share their knowledge with their colleagues of the fantastic range of tourism products and activities available in the County.'
  6. 'The Monday scheduled for the subsequent meeting attracted a satisfactory gathering of graduates and friends.'
  7. 'I mean this is something for the people to think about and the purpose of a gathering like this is for me, through this forum, to talk directly to the people of Australia.'
  8. 'The auditorium will serve as a meeting place for public gatherings and academic conferences.'
  9. 'Accordingly, a gathering assembled to carry out Sam's wishes.'
  10. 'We are a gathering with massively more purpose than significance.'
A group of leaves taken together, one inside another, in binding a book.

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    1. an assembly or meeting.

    2. an assemblage of people; group or crowd.

    3. a collection, assemblage, or compilation of anything.

    4. the act of a person or thing that gathers.

    5. something that is gathered together.

    6. a gather or a series of gathers in cloth.

    7. an inflamed and suppurating swelling.

    8. (in a flue, duct, or the like) a tapered section forming a transition between two sections, one of which has a greater area than the other. 9. Bookbinding. a section in a book, usual

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    "informations can be gathering."

    "momentums can be gathering."

    "evidences can be gathering."

    "places can be gathering."

    "systems can be gathering."

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