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(of the weather) very cold, with frost forming on surfaces.
  1. 'His laughter was like icicles or the wind on a cold frosty day.'
  2. 'Despite the frosty weather, early morning shoppers queued in their hundreds to bag the best deals.'
  3. 'For as glorious an image as that presents, I can only guess how cold that ride must have been on frosty Hill Country mornings.'
  4. 'There is some outstanding sowing to be down but the spell of cold, frosty weather we've been experiencing is set to remain with us for a few days yet, so the parsnips and spring onions will have to wait awhile.'
  5. 'Not many flowers are designed specifically to withstand cold and frosty weather.'
  6. 'It's been frosty in the morning here for the last few days.'
  7. 'I still own a bleach-stained T-shirt that is so stretched it could cover a stretched limousine on a frosty night.'
  8. 'Spring is beginning to make its long awaited appearance even if the weather has been bitterly cold and frosty of late.'
  9. 'Elsewhere without adequate insulation there have been condensation problems in frosty weather.'
  10. 'Holes in the canopy had left the roosting insects prey to the frosty nights.'
  11. 'the dog crouched in the frosty grass'
  12. 'Okay, that'll be a pitcher of Bud Light and four frosty mugs.'
  13. 'Trouble is, the thickness of the frosty mantle covering the Arctic Ocean has diminished by about 40 percent in the last four decades.'
  14. 'He ran so they could chase him, leaving four dark swathes across the frosty surface.'
  15. 'The chill of the air outside nearly stunned her as she dragged her feet through the frosty grass.'
  16. 'Hockey pucks ranging from black to orange to white were scattered across the now greatly dented frosty surface.'
  17. 'Sylvia pulled the door closed after her as she stepped out onto the frosty grass in the garden.'
  18. 'She put her hands back onto the frosty, reflective surface.'
  19. 'It's tough flying when the beak is frozen and tough scavenging for white bread on frosty grass.'
  20. 'The gloomy gray clouds passed over the sun and a enormous shadow stretched across the frosty grass.'
Cold and unfriendly in manner.
  1. 'Natasha had finally halted her cheering and shot Seth a frosty glare.'
  2. 'He spoke up quietly, his words dripping with frosty disdain.'
  3. '‘When the politicians come and knock on these people's doors they are going to get a frosty reception,’ he said.'
  4. 'I'm tempted to wreak a terrible revenge by… um… tutting a bit and behaving in a generally frosty manner whenever I walk past the flat of those responsible.'
  5. 'Relations between the media and the judge became increasingly frosty.'
  6. 'The conference delegates, who had been expected to give him a frosty reception, rose as one in a burst of applause that was sustained until the Prime Minister left the podium.'
  7. 'When she could see nothing in them but frosty hostility, he turned and left silently, her hair still gripped firmly in his hands.'
  8. 'He has already experienced that sting: when he approached Montreal's Telefilm office, his application for funding was met with a frosty reception.'
  9. 'If you arrive late, you don't want a frosty reception in the bar.'
  10. 'Government ministers face a frosty reception at this year's Special Olympics following cutbacks in promised funding for physical and sensory disability services.'


1. characterized by or producing frost; freezing; very cold: frosty weather.

2. consisting of or covered with a frost: frosty designs on the windows; an avenue of frosty trees.

3. lacking warmth of feeling; unfriendly: Their frosty greeting puzzled us.

4. resembling frost; white or gray: a wedding dress of frosty satin.

5. of or characteristic of old age: a frosty brow.

More examples(as adjective)

"ties can be frosty over differences."

"ties can be frosty for decades."

"relationships can be frosty for decades."

"relations can be frosty until records."

"relations can be frosty over rights."

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