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Covered with or as if with frost.
  1. 'With tremors quaking my body, I climb out of the tree, the tight, leather foot-wrappings squeezing my toes together and providing little, if any, comfort, except to keep my feet off the frosted forest floor.'
  2. 'It bounds over the frosted grass, weaves through the giant lobelia.'
  3. 'Walking uptown through the frosted streets last Thursday I felt a smug satisfaction with the city and the way that familiar sights seemed transformed by the snow.'
  4. 'The ten-foot canvas shows a mass of twisted, bare trees, dark shades against a golden sunset, arranged around a rocky, frosted clearing.'
  5. 'The glaring sun has at last curved above the frosted pines fringing the small city of Whitehorse.'
  6. 'The name implies that deer once roamed free in the frosted area which once surrounded the village.'
  7. 'Choose a dry day for planting the bulbs and avoid putting them into frosted or water-logged soil.'
  8. 'I peeled away frosted socks from frosted boots and walked out to the lakeside.'
  9. 'it has a modest kitchen, sitting room, and frosted windows'
  10. 'The small, frosted glass window didn't allow him to see much, but he knew exactly who it was from the smooth outline of the perfectly positioned hair.'
  11. 'The main bathroom has a bath with shower attachment, and is very bright due to a frosted glass window.'
  12. 'As we melted into the night I bet there were more than a few children who will never look at frosted window panes in quite the same way again.'
  13. 'It tipped over backwards and smashed a frosted window to pieces, one of which glass splinters landed near me.'
  14. 'The door was pale wood with a large, frosted glass window set into it.'
  15. 'In the shop windows that line it, screens of frosted glass provide a backdrop for mannequins.'
  16. 'The noon sun sticks against the frosted window pane.'
  17. 'She opened the frosted glass window, letting in a billow of sticky air, and caught a glimpse of the embassy's manicured garden.'
  18. 'With arguably the best views in Italy, Harry's famously installed frosted glass windows.'
  19. 'Emily threw the cover off onto the coffee table and spotted an open copy of the Herald spread across the frosted glass surface.'
(of food) decorated or dusted with icing or sugar.
  1. in combination 'sugar-frosted almonds'
  2. 'After the meal was over, Vera dimmed the lights, and carried a beautiful pink frosted cake, bearing sixteen lit candles.'
  3. 'He asked polite questions for a few minutes until his faithful steward Bertram brought tea and frosted cakes.'
  4. 'She grabbed the frosted shredded wheat cereal and her soymilk.'
  5. 'Aron reached in and grabbed a newly frosted cupcake.'
  6. 'I just had a really intense craving for frosted brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts.'
  7. 'At about 5: 30 an announcement came that the lounge would soon close so I went to get breakfast of frosted flakes and some milk.'
  8. 'She held her red frosted cake on a plate in her hands.'
  9. 'Suggest guests bring a box to take frosted cookies home in rather than providing them yourself.'
  10. 'The black and white cookie is, in fact, not a cookie but a flat, thinly frosted cake, like someone has sat on a cupcake.'
  11. 'Then there's the Cookie Cup, a frosted cookie in a cupcake shape for 400 + calories.'
(of lipstick, eyeshadow, or nail varnish) having a pale, pearlescent sheen.
  1. 'Wear the subtly frosted peach on the inner corners of the eyes to brighten, or on the lids for a light makeup look.'
  2. 'She even persuaded me into painting my toenails a light frosted pink color.'
  3. 'Use a soft gloss or lip colour instead and try to avoid anything that is super-shiny or frosted - if in doubt, add more glitter!'
  4. 'If you are trying to make your eyes look bigger go for a white liner and just say no to frosted shadow.'
  5. 'brown hair with frosted tips'
  6. 'I have never had frosted highlights or artificial hair embellishments of any kind.'
  7. 'The only real problem is Peter Pan himself, played by a smirky young American with frosted tips.'
  8. 'Andre could pull off the frosted feathered hair, neon colored shirt audacious thing for one reason and one reason only: IT WAS THE EIGHTIES.'
  9. 'He's pointing at a kid - maybe 18 or 19-with frosted hair, baggy white shorts and a diamond stud in his ear.'


1. covered with or having frost.

2. made frostlike in appearance, as certain translucent glass: a frosted window; a frosted light bulb.

3. coated or decorated with frosting or icing, as a cake.

4. (of hair) highlighted, especially by bleaching selected strands.

5. made with ice cream: frosted malted.

6. quick-frozen. noun

7. a thick beverage, usually made with milk, flavoring syrup, and ice cream whipped together.

More examples(as adjective)

"glasses can be frosted."

"flakes can be frosted."

"panels can be frosted."

"windows can be frosted."

"screens can be frosted."

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