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    (of food) cooked in hot fat or oil.
    1. 'She knew her typical meals of cheese sticks or fried foods needed to change to get the figure she wanted.'
    2. 'Bake the meat roll in the oven with the tomato juice and the fried butter, after adding some water.'
    3. 'Health-conscious people were replacing the fried foods in their diet with cereals.'
    4. 'Some alternate breakfast foods include boiled manioc, maize porridge, or fried cakes made of rice flour.'
    5. 'Well, that should give you an idea of the efficiency and appearance of your arteries after a steady diet of fried foods.'
    6. 'After a lunch of fried rice with eggs and peppers, we struck out to meet our elephant transport to another area of the jungle.'
    7. 'Avoid foods with a lot of sugar and fat, such as ice cream, gelatin, pudding and fried foods.'
    8. 'We also ate a lot of mysterious crumbed meats accompanied with fried potatoes.'
    9. 'People in the south of India like spicy fried food and often eat rice and curry.'
    10. 'This is a common ingredient in commercial baked goods and in fried foods like French fries.'
    Exhausted or worn out.
    1. 'Who has not felt frazzled, fried, and finished at some point during his or her career?'
    2. 'I went from high school quarterback to fried LSD guy in two years or whatever.'


    1. cooked in a pan or on a griddle over direct heat, usually in fat or oil.

    2. Slang. drunk; inebriated. intoxicated from drugs; high. exhausted or incapacitated through intemperance; burned-out. verb

    3. simple past tense and past participle of fry1 .

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    "eggs can be fried."

    "breads can be fried."

    "foods can be fried."

    "chickens can be fried."

    "fish can be fried."

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