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(of food) recently made or obtained; not tinned, frozen, or otherwise preserved.
  1. 'There are two course menus and an a la carte menu with plentiful seafood in season, fresh vegetables and fruits.'
  2. 'In warmer weather the food, especially fresh vegetables and fruit, may need to be replaced more than twice a day.'
  3. 'Preferably use fresh garlic in your food, or, if this is not always possible, take a garlic supplement available from your health store.'
  4. 'The price of dairy products is about to rise because of petrol, and other basic foods like meat and fresh fruit and vegetables are expected to be next.'
  5. 'To anyone used to cooking their own Indian food using fresh spices, such flavours are strangely mute with no individual spice or flavour discernible.'
  6. 'Each chef will provide their signature dish using only natural Irish foods and fresh ingredients.'
  7. 'Eat high-fiber foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, brans and whole grains.'
  8. 'For the first ten days Budhan ate only fresh salads and drank fresh vegetable and fruit juices and water.'
  9. 'All ingredients are fresh and the food is prepared daily.'
  10. 'Mrs Lock and her assistants use locally produced fruit and vegetables and fresh meat from a local butcher.'
Not previously known or used; new or different.
  1. 'As I'd been scrambling to create one, a fresh opportunity landed in my lap.'
  2. 'Green vines and white roses were intricately placed to create a fresh effect.'
  3. '‘I just can't paint fast enough to create fresh work for this number of events,’ he said.'
  4. 'Speaking to mediapersons in Bangalore, Anita said that she has cast new faces to give a fresh look that will create a new chemistry on screen.'
  5. 'Instead, he creates fresh, original compositions that stand on their own.'
  6. 'The flooding threat hanging over Ryedale could prevent scores of fresh jobs being created at a redundant clothing factory.'
  7. 'The event is at the heart of a masterplan to create a fresh image for the city.'
  8. 'We've been given the opportunity to make a fresh start and build something from scratch.'
  9. 'Now, I am waiting for their next version in the coming year to make a fresh start.'
  10. 'You may feel like running away from romance during a spell that is likely to bring confusion into that area of your life and thereby create fresh problems.'
  11. 'the memory was still fresh in their minds'
  12. 'Events that have befallen several UK biotech companies in recent years are still fresh in the mind.'
  13. 'With that experience so fresh in our minds, it would be a shame if the whole sorry episode were to be repeated for broadband.'
  14. 'This time frame was chosen so that the classroom experience was still fresh in the students' minds.'
  15. 'Many have fled the province, bringing with them fresh experiences of life and death under martial law.'
  16. 'The last wisps of her dream were still fresh in her mind, as if she was still experiencing them now.'
  17. 'With that experience fresh in my mind, I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality of this transfer.'
  18. 'He had come out of his York race incredibly well, he hadn't lost any weight, he was very fresh.'
  19. 'But then we were fresh and it was our only gig of the day.'
  20. 'Dionysia Didier, volleyball coach, says St Lucia is fielding a relatively fresh team this year.'
  21. 'We need fresh people who are more aware and less stuck in the old mindset.'
  22. 'They're so fresh and famous that they even had to change their name over in Merseyside, where they're known as Sayers.'
  23. 'At eighteen years old, she was still fresh from adolescence and stinging from the abrupt end of an eight month relationship.'
(of a person) full of energy and vigour.
  1. 'Anne deliberately missed the time trial earlier in the week to ensure that she was fresh for the big race and her strategy certainly paid dividends.'
  2. 'At least he is fresh for the tough Scotland squad training sessions, the mere thought of which has some players reaching for the ice pack.'
  3. 'Having had a break I'm fresh and the motivation is definitely there.'
  4. 'In the morning I am fresh and rosy and utterly not hungover.'
  5. 'It's all about training them when you are fresh and have the most energy to devote to them.'
  6. 'the foliage was still a fresh colour'
  7. 'I opted to sit and look at the fresco, whose fresh colours lifted my spirits despite my horrible cold.'
  8. 'He was clean-shaven with a fresh complexion and was wearing a light-coloured flat cap with a long, dark nylon or cotton raincoat.'
  9. 'I looked at the palm of my hand, now covered with fresh, bright, lime-green paint.'
  10. 'Briza maxima has also seeded itself in this pot, adding height and movement as well as a contrasting colour as it fades from fresh green to pale brown.'
  11. 'After more than 60 years, they still retain their fresh colours and look even more stylish than the copies made today.'
  12. 'Pick shelling peas when the pods are fully plump and a fresh green colour.'
(of water) not salty.
  1. 'Cichlids inhabit fresh waters, and many species are endemic to isolated lake environments.'
  2. 'Unless indicated otherwise, all statements that follow pertain to both marine and fresh waters.'
  3. 'The lake water is fresh near the surface, but remains salty at the bottom.'
  4. 'Its distribution is restricted to the fresh waters of eastern and central North America.'
  5. 'A new advertising campaign due for the end of the summer will highlight Belhaven's Scottish roots and its use of fresh local water.'
  6. 'There are signs that the water was not fresh, as typical of most lakes, but marine or brackish.'
  7. 'The shellfish, which favour the fresh waters of the region's lakes, are usually found in dense beds.'
  8. 'A container with fresh creek water made out of a sealed off and hollowed bamboo stick hung from his leather belt.'
  9. 'That is damaging to native fish life and plant life, and contributes to the degradation of fresh waters.'
  10. 'Scott was also unaware of any barnacles that reside in fresh waters.'
(of the wind) cool and fairly strong.
  1. 'I came from a small town, where the wind is fresh and cool, you could taste the air on your lips.'
  2. 'It has always kept the windows open for fresh winds to blow in.'
  3. 'She stepped in the draughty passageway, whittled by fresh winds though it was summer.'
  4. 'For the most part, conditions were benign with sunshine and fresh winds.'
  5. 'The wind is now fresh; the climb is fairly steady.'
  6. 'The journey began well, with a fresh southerly wind for the first few hours, but it then turned squally with drizzle.'
  7. 'The missing lights sent more chills through her than the fresh wind picking up around her.'
  8. 'She shivered in the chilly air. ‘A bit fresh, isn't it?’'
  9. 'There's cold, fresh air there, and he takes gulps, trying to steady himself.'
  10. 'the toothpaste leaves the mouth feeling wonderfully fresh'
  11. 'The doctor ordered an X ray of her lungs, observed something peculiar on the film, decided it was tuberculosis, and sent her to a sanatorium in the foothills where the air was fresher.'
  12. 'The air was fresh and clean as if it had rained the night before.'
  13. 'Easily accessible, this tourist area is noted for its beauty, and cool, fresh mountain air.'
  14. 'It was pleasantly cool outside, and the air was delightfully fresh compared to that of the city.'
  15. 'The air felt fresh after our time in Kathmandu Valley, where brick kilns and fires generate a thick layer of smog that blankets the city.'
(of a person) having just had (a particular experience) or come from (a particular place)
    Presumptuous towards someone, especially in a sexual way.
    1. 'Because I get fresh with them and don't want to do what they say.'
    Having an unpleasant, slightly rotten smell.


      Newly; recently.
      1. 'fresh-cut grass'


      1. newly made or obtained: fresh footprints.

      2. recently arrived; just come: fresh from school.

      3. new; not previously known, met with, etc.; novel: to uncover fresh facts; to seek fresh experiences.

      4. additional or further: fresh supplies.

      5. not salty, as water.

      6. retaining the original properties unimpaired; not stale or spoiled: Is the milk still fresh?

      7. not preserved by freezing, canning, pickling, salting, drying, etc.: fresh vegetabl

      More examples(as adjective)

      "memories can be fresh in minds."

      "successes can be fresh in minds."

      "people can be fresh in minds."

      "people can be fresh in memories."

      "people can be fresh for weeks."

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      Old English fersc ‘not salt, fit for drinking’, superseded in Middle English by forms from Old French freis, fresche; both ultimately of Germanic origin and related to Dutch vers and German frisch.


      be fresh out of