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Having a pleasant or sweet smell.
  1. 'It's unrewarding, too, since the leaves aren't fragrant until they are stirred in a pan.'
  2. 'At the store's coffee shop another group relaxed over fragrant cappuccinos and pastry.'
  3. 'It's the fragrant aroma of tansy, a plant that as far back as medieval times was used for flavouring and as a natural remedy.'
  4. 'Most brambles grow in full sun; the fragrant thimbleberry grows at the edges of moist, shady woodlands.'
  5. 'The myriad of colours and the sweet, fragrant scent of the blooms overwhelmed the senses to the point of excess.'
  6. 'As the following fragrant plants are winter-flowering, it's nice to have them close to the house.'
  7. 'These make ideal portable plants providing a fragrant perfume and vivid colour in early to mid-summer next year.'
  8. 'We dined alfresco, overlooking the fragrant, colourful gardens full of tropical blooms.'
  9. 'As you walk by a fruit stand in the market the sweet, fragrant smell also indicates that the melons are ready to eat.'
  10. 'The jasmine on my balcony is so fragrant that I can smell it as soon as I open the door in the morning.'


1. having a pleasant scent or aroma; sweet-smelling; sweet-scented: a fragrant rose.

2. delightful; pleasant: fragrant memories.

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"kitchens can be fragrant with cookings."

"rices can be fragrant."

"flowers can be fragrant."

"oils can be fragrant."

"harbours can be fragrant."

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Late Middle English: from French, or from Latin fragrant- ‘smelling sweet’, from the verb fragrare.