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Ready and willing to forgive.
  1. 'Perry is surprisingly forgiving of his stepfather'
  2. 'Business leaders, at least, seem in a forgiving mood.'
  3. 'She is the Eternal Feminine, forgiving and compassionate and able to reconcile terrorist and victim with her abounding sweetness.'
  4. 'Americans are a forgiving people, a compassionate people, a people who are always ready to give a guy a second chance.'
  5. 'Richard, the upright and forgiving friend from whom Danny has grown apart over the years, hands him the story, offering him a lifeline from the past and rekindling a friendship for the future.'
  6. 'Throughout the cast, a peculiar kind of professionalism characterised a collection of poor performances which managed to be bad without ever having even a bit of forgiving personality.'
  7. 'Now, I don't entirely agree with his position but it also seems we are not very forgiving of critical perspectives on scientific and technological innovation.'
  8. 'It was just bad luck for him that I wasn't in a forgiving mood.'
  9. 'Jacobs has a shrewd, if forgiving eye and, given his background as son of a poor black southern bar-owner, an endearing sense of the absurdity of the world he found himself in.'
  10. 'He sat there with his head down, obviously out of shame, and I can understand that, but we are a forgiving bunch on this side of the Chamber.'
  11. 'She was usually such an easy-going and forgiving kid; it just wasn't like her to be so stubborn.'
  12. 'From a practical standpoint, rubber is a forgiving material, able to withstand the abuse of heavy equipment and harsh chemicals, such as acetone and disinfectants.'
  13. 'Voice control of the computer holds promise, but crewmembers want something much more reliable on the machine side and much more forgiving of human error.'
  14. 'Even when you hit a bum chord the guitar can make a lovely sound, which means it is a far more forgiving instrument than the descant recorder I played in Primary 5.'
  15. 'The forgiving rims in the arena were nothing but help for the long-distance shooting Gaels, who mostly relied on points from behind the arch to stay in the game.'
  16. 'This tolerance is less forgiving than PCI and also requires layout designers to pay attention to an additional set of constraints.'
  17. 'Many of us live in a forgiving environment where people have the leisure to explore ways of changing their very selves, at the physical, social and spiritual levels.'


1. disposed to forgive; indicating forgiveness: a forgiving soul; a forgiving smile.

2. tolerant: The mountain is not forgiving of inexperienced climbers.

More examples(as adjective)

"moneys can be forgiving of managers."

"houses can be forgiving of sopranos."

"people can be forgiving."

"strategies can be forgiving."

"moods can be forgiving."

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