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Of, resembling, or covered with flour.
  1. 'The chicken was tasty and well-cooked, leaving me to mix up concoctions of guacamole, sour cream, salsa and grated cheese in the warm, floury fajitas.'
  2. 'It came with a hunk of floury, earthy bread - my only complaint being the absence of butter, which I had to ask for.'
  3. 'His quest for salvation could only be aided by her loving, floury hands, and her suburban lifestyle and conservatory existence would welcome a hip - swivelling injection of true rock and roll.'
  4. 'One hand wiped itself on her floury apron while its mate attempted to smooth the flyaways circling her face.'
  5. 'There are two fresh pastas, a floury wooden tray of fettuccine and a metal one of ravioli sitting in a cold cabinet.'
  6. 'I smiled at her flashy red sundress she wore under her floury apron and the studs lining her ear lobes.'
(of a potato) having a soft, fluffy texture when cooked.
  1. 'Put some potatoes, nice floury old ones rather than new, on to boil before you start to cook the pork.'
  2. 'You will need floury potatoes such as King Edwards that break down during the cooking, and you may need to mash a few of them at the end to thicken the liquid into a sweet, soupy stew.'
  3. 'The root is round, seldom larger and often smaller than a small carrot, grey outside and yellowish white within, with a mealy texture like a floury potato.'
  4. 'So too was a chunky lamb chump chop with flageolet beans, skins still intact, but gloriously floury within, all mixed up with creamy goats' cheese and surrounded by rich brown rosemary gravy.'
  5. 'Whatever happened to good old bacon and cabbage and floury spuds topped off with a lump of pure butter?'
  6. 'We ordered new potatoes, but a single, huge floury potato appeared instead.'
  7. 'The Yorkshire was superb, the vegetables flavoursome, the roast potatoes crunchy, fluffy and floury.'
  8. 'King Edwards, for example are a dry floury potato that will disintegrate around the edges when boiled, so makes excellent mash, roast and chips.'
  9. 'It is important to use good floury potatoes such as Agria.'
  10. 'The widespread availability of the floury spud, the British Queen, was also hailed yesterday.'


1. of, relating to, or resembling flour.

2. white with flour.

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"hands can be floury."

"textures can be floury."

"potatoes can be floury."

"varieties can be floury."

"tops can be floury."

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