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A very small patch of colour or light.
  1. 'flecks of sunshine'
  2. 'The candle flame shivered, tossing flecks of light over something on the dresser that I hadn't noticed before.'
  3. 'She was close enough to see that his eyes had flecks of light blue in them.'
  4. 'He was a big, good-natured fellow with a scrubby brown beard that had liberal flecks of gray.'
  5. 'It was there now, though, and it was a slightly blue color, with flecks of gray and black.'
  6. 'It has a fine texture and is usually orange, with a few flecks of other colours.'
  7. 'The golden flecks in his eyes sparked even in the darkness of the vehicle.'
  8. 'The flecks of light that managed their way through the dense leaves danced across her face, gently stopping at her eyes, lighting them like shards of glass on the dawn's rising.'
  9. 'For a moment I was struck breathless as I noticed the tiny golden flecks of colour and sparkle that resided in his iris.'
  10. 'His hair is thick and wild; he's kept his trademark beard, although it now shows flecks of grey, and he looks lean and fit.'
  11. 'We stood, quietly, as the few flecks of light disappeared from the horizon.'
  12. 'Bare bulbs were hanging from the ceiling casting an eerie light, revealing tiny flecks of dust filtering through the air.'
  13. 'Her lime green nail polish was chipping, and there were flecks of dirt.'
  14. 'Glancing up at the ceiling, she noticed that there was now - after nearly two months of flecks and chips dropping down onto her head and her floor - a clear hole above her.'


Mark or dot with small patches of colour or particles of something.
  1. 'Our streets are used as dumping grounds, our buildings are covered with graffiti and our pavements are flecked with sticky-gum.'
  2. 'Breeding adults have yellow bills, iridescent feathers that shine purple and green and are flecked with white spots.'
  3. 'Kyle's brown eyes were flecked with green and his blonde-streaked brown hair was in a ponytail.'
  4. 'Her hair, tied at the back with a pencil, is flecked with the odd strand of grey and, of course, there are lines on her face.'
  5. 'The bottom of the wound was flecked with very small dots of blood.'
  6. 'His dark brown hair was flecked with golden brown and sat flat on his head but curled around his ears, neck and forehead.'
  7. 'She came to him with a smile on her lips, which were flecked with red lipstick.'
  8. 'His pale face was sprinkled with freckles, and Cally noticed that his green eyes were flecked with brown.'
  9. 'His features were twisted and mottled with rage, and foam flecked his lips as he rasped at her.'
  10. 'Their long white necks were flecked with the tiniest feathers of iridescent azure and jade and they walked on their thin bright yellow legs with a magnificent strut.'

More definitions


1. a speck; a small bit: a fleck of dirt.

2. a spot or small patch of color, light, etc.: the dapple mare with flecks of gray.

3. a spot or mark on the skin, as a freckle.

verb (used with object)

4. to mark with a fleck or flecks; spot; dapple.


(fleck)Late Middle English (as a verb): perhaps from Old Norse flekkr (noun), flekka (verb), or from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch vlecke.