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Having a level surface; without raised areas or indentations.
  1. 'trim the surface of the cake to make it completely flat'
  2. 'The stern was dominated by a flat expanse of steel - the helicopter deck.'
  3. 'The park, at the rear of the Memorial Hall car park, was opened earlier this year as an area of flat hard surface.'
  4. 'It had a large rock central to the area with a flat surface and was bathed in sunlight that had filtered through the canopy of trees.'
  5. 'For the cod place the rice paper sheets on a flat worksurface.'
  6. '"This is probably a sedimentary rock made up of particles that have accumulated on a fairly flat surface.'
  7. 'The recommendation now is to use solid black plastic under a mulch on relatively flat surfaces.'
  8. 'Temporarily prop up the two end trusses on a level, flat surface.'
  9. 'Put stones in the narrow area and use flat rocks on top of them.'
  10. 'They have to be level, flat and firmly secured to the picture and the wall.'
  11. 'Once the soil is ready, he tamps the beds with a sheet of plywood so the soil is firm and flat.'
  12. 'The topography of the county ranges from low rolling hills in the north to very flat terrain or gentle sloping ridges in the south.'
  13. 'He was standing on a flat desert plain under white clouds and blue sky.'
  14. 'The walk follows flat riverside pastures for virtually all the way, though numerous stiles and kissing gates need to be negotiated and walking boots are essential.'
  15. 'The land is flat, and perhaps it's my imagination, but it appears stunted and less fertile than the hills and mountains to the north east.'
  16. 'A fruit and vegetable farm was located on the flat plains of Western Kansas.'
  17. 'Except for mountain chains in the north and west along the Norwegian border, the land is relatively flat.'
  18. 'Back home Harry and I returned to our window, to look out at the sad, flat landscape under a sky that was not so much leaden as plain tired.'
  19. 'My creative work today was limited of course but I did manage to walk a little way up the lane to snap a photograph of the view over the flat fields I see all about me.'
  20. 'I love the wonderful flat landscape with its wide skies where so many flocks of birds fly freely.'
  21. 'In contrast, the western half of the route is nearly flat and offers long, expansive views across large sweeps of farmland.'
  22. 'Lights from a large cargo ship reflected on the flat, still water.'
  23. 'Most cat anglers in my experience seem to be converted carp anglers, used to fishing flat calm waters where the fish are as likely to take a boilie as a dead or livebait.'
  24. 'Floating on calm, flat water, some thought that it represented human dominance over nature.'
  25. 'But now that the sun was fully out, he could see beyond the breakers, way beyond the waves to the flat water at the back.'
  26. 'Withdrawing from the edge, I ducked under the rafter of the flat roof.'
  27. 'The flat roofs that leak need to be replaced, as do the heating system and the windows.'
  28. 'Combining the three spaces involved more than removing walls and raising the kitchen's flat ceiling.'
  29. 'But a way has been found to replace the flat roof that does not interfere with the life of the school, and the work is getting on well.'
  30. 'Insulating your flat roof would be a fairly basic DIY job.'
  31. 'The school accused the Council of dragging its heels over a replacement for a flat roof which was constantly being patched up because of leaks.'
  32. 'The flat roof in the girls toilet has fallen in so when it rains, it is flooded.'
  33. 'It stated that the stairwell tower should be reduced in height by removing the pitched roof and replacing it with a flat roof.'
  34. 'Snow lying on a flat field is fairly dormant, but snow lying on a slope is inherently alive, thanks to the pull of gravity.'
  35. 'The huts had flat roofs; some even had things on top of them.'
  36. 'a flat rectangular box'
  37. 'It wasn't like this in the flat cap days of my grandfather, but I bet that even he wished that he had two tweed jackets instead of one.'
  38. 'People used to think the earth was flat and the universe revolved around it.'
  39. 'I could walk it - and wouldn't even need my flat cap and plastic mac.'
  40. 'Once outside, Cordelia pulled out a flat aqua cellphone, the size of a playing card when it was closed.'
  41. 'The guitarist looks like an accountant, the drummer stands up behind his kit to play whilst wearing a flat cap.'
  42. 'Approximately 25 cm long, the animal has a flat tail surrounded by a skin-like fin which is used for swimming.'
  43. 'His flat cap and round rimmed glasses are his trademark.'
  44. 'Apparently he left the venue wearing a flat cap.'
  45. 'The tube has a flat, wide cap and is meant to be stored upright.'
  46. 'Connor, resplendent in blue overcoat and black flat cap, hardly stood still.'
  47. 'The dancers are in flat slippers, the costumes are in bold autumnal colours of magenta, orange and dark yellow, and the girls have their hair loose.'
  48. 'Pop a jacket over it and you could wear it to a wedding; add a knit and flat sandals, and it's good for daywear.'
  49. 'At the time she was wearing flat shoes, her work uniform and was carrying a handbag over her left shoulder.'
  50. 'I wear flat shoes for walking to work but otherwise it's high heels.'
  51. 'She walked on down the passageway, her soft flat shoes making no sound.'
  52. 'She scraped her flat shoes across the ground to dislodge any stale mud and walked to the centre of the alley.'
  53. 'An itsy-bitsy kitten heel keeps the flat shoe feeling, but give some extra lift to your step.'
  54. 'We followed the guide as she strode forward on her flat shoes and up the marble staircase past election posters, now already peeling after their usefulness was expended.'
  55. 'The girl was dressed in a very long black coat and wearing a pair of white flat sandals.'
  56. 'There are theories that men sprinting in flat shoes get out faster than women hampered by heels or waiting to help a colleague.'
Lacking emotion; dull and lifeless.
  1. 'His voice was flat, void of any emotion, which led Anna to wonder if he felt anything at all about his father.'
  2. 'Her voice was flat and emotionless and Ryder wanted to kick himself for making her sound like that.'
  3. 'She replied in a flat voice, only putting emotion into certain words.'
  4. 'My voice was flat and expressionless, edged with steel and contempt for my enemy.'
  5. 'That description was far too flat and emotionless and pain-free.'
  6. 'Autumn's voice was flat, almost monotonous, but it was not uncaring.'
  7. 'At first I assumed this mix would be flat and lifeless - to my surprise it sounded far better than I was hoping.'
  8. 'Finally he spoke in a forced casual tone, causing her to turn, making his voice as flat and uninterested as possible.'
  9. 'His speech, delivered without notes, struck observers as both compassionate and professional - while the older man was dull and flat.'
  10. 'Dana's feminine voice grew quite flat and emotionless, and even a little haunting.'
  11. 'his sense of intoxication wore off until he felt flat and weary'
  12. 'At the start of the year in Adelaide and Auckland he was flat at the beginning of every match and could not get himself fired up.'
  13. 'His voice was still slightly flat though Elizabeth could tell he really did like Sam.'
  14. 'In a word, Fuller excepted, they were flat, and despite the bluster one wonders who exactly will muster the requisite spark when he makes his exit.'
  15. 'Here in Australia, retail sales are already flat, apparently because consumers are avoiding using their cars and staying at home.'
  16. 'Even in years when economic growth is flat or negative, electricity consumption nearly always increases.'
  17. 'Overall sales have been flat for five years.'
  18. 'At least, flat prices or the absence of inflation is a darn good thing for consumers.'
  19. 'Wage growth was essentially flat over the past year.'
  20. 'The company has been in a prolonged slump, with flat sales in the United States and a stock price to match.'
  21. 'The group said that despite higher volumes, the Republic of Ireland's trading profits were broadly flat in a pretty buoyant market.'
  22. 'Its sales were relatively flat in 2001, due in part to lower gasoline prices affecting its stores with fuel pumps.'
  23. 'At many companies sales are flat or down - sometimes way, way down.'
  24. 'Then, late last year, sales were nearly flat and actually declined in some categories.'
  25. 'a flat shade of grey'
  26. 'He used bold, poster-like contrasts of form and colour, with strong black outlines and extensive areas of flat, uniform colour.'
  27. 'The textile is placed awkwardly on top of the table, creating areas of strong, flat colour and signalling Matisse's future as a painter.'
  28. 'There are other panels with flat planes of tertiary colour, some with simple linear designs.'
  29. 'Time passed and the light outside remained the same flat grey as snow kept falling, icing the windows over.'
  30. 'You sort of notice perspective and lines and flat planes of colour.'
  31. 'This photograph was flat, with very little contrast and some noticeable scratches, dust spots, pen marks and other discolorations.'
(of a sparkling drink) having lost its effervescence.
  1. 'It is shockingly sweet at first - a fizzy drink gone flat in the sun.'
  2. 'My father wrapped me up in his bathrobe and I got to sit up with my parents, drink flat ginger ale and watch TV.'
  3. 'Some people make a big fuss about this stuff, which tastes like flat soda pop to me.'
  4. 'If your steak is bad or the beer is flat, you return it.'
  5. 'Another night of flat champagne, limp canapés and unfamiliar faces?'
  6. 'He even rode the last 40 km of the final stage with two flat tyres.'
  7. 'Most are untaxed, others carry out-of-date tax discs and virtually all have flat tyres or have been vandalised and are obviously dumped.'
  8. 'Only a flat tyre cost them an even better result.'
  9. 'His bike had a flat tire, but that was to be expected.'
  10. 'When they reached the jeep, Abby noticed that she had a flat tire.'
  11. 'To take my mind off what was in store for me, I chatted to the owner of the racing bike next to mine while she efficiently changed a flat tyre tube.'
  12. 'A woman had been driving down a freeway, and had had a flat tyre.'
  13. 'He then discovered he had a flat tyre and took his car back into the garage to deal with it.'
  14. 'In this case, the only damage caused to the civilian was a flat tyre.'
  15. 'A youngster was left in tears after his bike was snatched as he fixed a flat tyre.'
  16. 'One of the most irksome things that can happen to a mobile phone user is a flat battery, and the charging devices are designed to solve the problem.'
  17. 'There were two smoke alarms installed in the house, but one had been disconnected and the second had flat batteries.'
  18. 'His battery went flat just before the cars were due to go on to the grid and he was forced to start from the pitlane.'
  19. 'Invariably the battery is totally flat on Monday and the car will not start.'
  20. 'The car was pushed 20-feet up the street but then abandoned with a flat battery.'
  21. 'I went up to Church Road to retrieve my wife's car but by this time the battery had gone flat due to having the lights having been left on.'
  22. 'It turned out not to be a straight case of a flat battery.'
  23. 'They charged me over £100 just to recharge a flat battery - the car broke down again on my way home but luckily on a main road near home.'
  24. 'I grabbed the phone and realised the battery was flat; before I'd even got to the phone the car had sped away.'
  25. 'Have you noticed for example, friends and workmates asking you for their best friend's phone number because their mobile battery is flat?'
(of a fee, wage, or price) the same in all cases, not varying with changed conditions or in particular cases.
  1. 'Aidan O'Hogan said that he would caution against the introduction of flat fees.'
  2. 'Many online brokers now charge a flat fee of around £10 per trade.'
  3. 'He or she will often charge you a flat fee or an hourly rate.'
  4. 'Brokers get a flat commission, plus a smaller annual commission, called a trail.'
  5. 'Once we'd agreed on a budget, she explained that she charged a flat fee for her services.'
  6. 'He cites as helpful such reforms as the launch of a flat income tax.'
  7. 'There is also a flat fee of £35 payable to register property deeds with the Registry of Deeds.'
  8. 'Try using a credit card to get your money out and usually there's a flat fee on top of whatever interest charge your credit card will pay you.'
  9. 'My question is this: if a user can pay for the music through a flat fee, why can't the service pay for itself through advertising?'
  10. 'Future revenue would be harvested from a single-rate flat tax on wages or, better still, a stiff sales tax on consumption.'
  11. 'the request was met with a flat refusal'
  12. 'Then comes the flat proclamation that nothing happened to civilians; nothing whatever.'
  13. 'Because the individual himself is at stake during the seduction, he cannot risk a flat refusal from the potential partner.'
  14. 'He reacted furiously to the news of the mutiny of the soldiers, rushing to the scene after their flat refusal to fight.'
  15. 'Well, I know it came out like a flat denial, and I think one of the things I can do is clear it up.'
  16. 'That's the best weapon we have against these evil people, our flat refusal to allow them to divert us more than momentarily from our daily lives.'
  17. 'The news flies in the face of flat denials by the BBC in Glasgow.'
  18. 'Media bias is not exclusive to Australia, nor is the flat denial of its existence by those who clearly display it.'
  19. 'As an observer, I can testify that the comments made by these powerful and successful people were in flat contradiction to the caricature.'
  20. 'But with an official investigation underway, even a flat denial from head office won't still the rumors.'
  21. 'In 2004, the media has not made an issue over Teresa Heinz's flat refusal to release her tax returns.'
(of musical sound) below true or normal pitch.
  1. 'He finally gave in and belted out the limited lyrics from memory accompanied by flat notes.'
  2. 'Sung in a deliberately flat tone, this song is a typically acidic musical joke and for that reason it does not stand up to repeated listens.'
  3. 'I thought the performance was great but the singing was flat.'
  4. 'Without moving up or down the fingerboard more than one fret, you should be able to pick out each successive sharp or flat key and play that Major scale.'
  5. 'We played the Schubert B flat Trio and the Tchaikovsky.'
  6. 'Mozart had with him a B flat string quintet with two violas written when he was sixteen and just back from his third Italian journey.'
  7. 'Nonetheless, a movement such as the Largo in the B flat concerto can only amaze with its expressiveness and power.'
  8. 'Arranged for trumpet sextet and a continuo instrument (bassoon or euphonium are suggested), this piece can be performed in B-flat, C or D.'
Relating to flat racing.
  1. 'Ayr Racecourse will host its first Ladies' Night of the Flat season on Thursday when Regional Racing will also make its Scottish debut.'
  2. 'The Flat season had just ended and he was going to make the most of it.'
  3. 'The horse has not yet raced this Flat turf season as she awaits suitably fast ground but it seems the time is now fast approaching.'


1. horizontally level: a flat roof.

2. level, even, or without unevenness of surface, as land or tabletops.

3. having a surface that is without marked projections or depressions: a broad, flat face.

4. lying horizontally and at full length, as a person; prostrate: He was flat on the canvas after the knockdown.

5. lying wholly on or against something: The banner was flat against the wall.

6. thrown down, laid low, or level with the ground, as fallen

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"rates can be flat at percents."

"interests can be flat at fixes."

"dollars can be flat at pesos."

"prices can be flat in/at/on dates."

"units can be flat at zloties."

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