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Breaking or separating easily into flakes.
  1. 'Korean rice is said to be ‘moist and stuck together’ while Chinese rice is ‘separated and flaky.’'
  2. 'There is a funny light and flaky snow this morning that reminds me of feathers - easy to dust off, but whimsical - I'll call it ‘boa snow’.'
  3. 'Blanketing a heartwarming stew with a flaky brown crust is a great idea.'
  4. 'Ringworm of the scalp may start as a small sore that resembles a pimple before becoming patchy, flaky, or scaly.'
  5. 'Too much of everything - stress, sun, late nights and unhealthy food - takes its toll on your skin, making it look pasty, dull or flaky.'
  6. 'The flesh was moist and flaky, and the skin had a bit of a charcoal taste to it.'
  7. 'Brown contact lenses create the glassy, belligerent stare; prosthetics conjure the flaky skin.'
  8. 'Seborrheic dermatitis usually causes the skin to look a little greasy, and scaly or flaky.'
  9. 'Don't forget to try those mouth watering, flaky, pastry sausage rolls.'
  10. 'If it is flaky or peeling in more than any areas that have received obvious damage, (like water lifting on one spot on a top) you'll want to remove it.'
Liable to act in an unconventional or eccentric way.
  1. '‘At the very best, he is unreliable; at worst, he is flaky and irrational’.'
  2. 'At the very best, he is unreliable; at worst, he is flaky and irrational.'
  3. 'It's worthwhile to consider the consequences of even the most flaky ideas, although the chance of any of them actually panning out in the long run is not very high.'
  4. 'Although the man is accused by some conservatives in Brazil of being flaky, in person it is his wisdom and humility that shine out.'
  5. 'When we see him doing weird and bizarre things - like tossing furniture from upstairs windows - it's natural to assume he's beyond eccentric and into the seriously flaky.'
  6. 'New ideas, even rather flaky ones, were treated hospitably.'
  7. 'You will need a web persona - something flaky and amusing.'
  8. 'Unfortunately the interface for copying music from my computer to the device was rubbish, the drivers and firmware were flaky, and I could never get it to run properly under Windows 2000.'
  9. 'The free network connection is a little flaky, with the signal fading in and out.'
  10. 'Secondly, it means that devices using these schemes will be just plain flaky.'
  11. 'Perhaps flaky software with little protection against hackers was okay when personal computers were a hobby thing - but today they're the backbone of virtually every business and government on the planet.'


1. of or like flakes.

2. lying or cleaving off in flakes or layers.

3. Slang. eccentric; wacky; dizzy: a flaky math professor.

More examples(as adjective)

"faces can be flaky in/at/on places."

"faces can be flaky in somes."

"skins can be flaky."

"pastries can be flaky."

"substances can be flaky."

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