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Relating to or resembling fish or a fish.
  1. 'She could smell his stale fishy breath and nearly choked on it.'
  2. 'And when it's happened, you can smell it in the air, its very sweet, fishy smell sort of that just wafts across the lagoon.'
  3. 'Lunch was that strange not so fishy fish Morgan had been introduced to the first day of her arrival.'
  4. 'Beluga's cholesterol-packed eggs are the biggest and oiliest; not fishy, but still tasting, mysteriously, of the sea.'
  5. 'He loved how she enjoyed watching the clouds and he loved how she said the fishy smell of the Polperro docks was heavenly.'
  6. 'The strong, fishy smell of these materials may be objectionable.'
  7. 'Things had settled down and there was only one incident on the return journey, apart from, that is, various comments about a fishy smell coming from the back of the coach.'
  8. 'A fishy smell littered the streets and vendors were closing their stalls.'
  9. 'The Cognac maintains a natural grape oiliness that can remove the fishy smell in the soup.'
  10. 'At last the bus arrived and she climbed aboard, its fishy smell nearly causing her to gag.'
Arousing feelings of doubt or suspicion.
  1. 'I found your report on salmon farm fishing both fishy and stinky.'
  2. 'If something smells fishy I avoid it and will tell others about it if I can.'
  3. 'Roy remained silent even though he smelled something fishy about the whole situation.'
  4. 'Her manner made me suspicious that there was something fishy going on and that I was being taught something that I had to be taught but they would sooner not teach to me.'
  5. 'Still, I can't decide if your question reads as fishy or is simply terribly indicative of your personality.'
  6. 'That doesn't mean, of course, that you should give the next wonderful scientific speaker you hear a fishy glance of suspicion.'
  7. 'Something smelled fishy, at least to those on the other end of the phone line.'
  8. 'But there's only so much profit they will get away with before businesses start to smell something fishy.'
  9. 'She praised tenacious journalists' ability to smell when something's fishy - and to blow the whistle on it.'
  10. 'Whenever the general apathy characterising public servants gives way to zealousness, we smell something fishy.'


1. like a fish in shape, smell, taste, or the like.

2. consisting of fish.

3. abounding in fish.

4. Informal. improbable, as a story; unlikely.

5. Informal. of questionable character; suspicious: The sudden knockout was fishy.

6. dull and expressionless: fishy eyes.

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"smells can be fishy."

"businesses can be fishy."

"stories can be fishy."

"odours can be fishy."

"soups can be fishy."

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