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Having a solid, almost unyielding surface or structure.
  1. 'White has shown his cards in the selection of a team and a bench that is tailored for a hard, firm ground and dry conditions.'
  2. 'They maintain the route would have to be repaired anyway, whether it were upgraded or not, and the ground is firm enough to withstand use by horses and cyclists.'
  3. 'Obtain a stable chair with a firm seat cushion and back, and a footstool to elevate your leg'
  4. 'Rob shivered a little, cold and uncomfortable lying on the firm, hard ground.'
  5. 'We'd really like separate paths for riders, with a firm all-weather surface, but that would be expensive.'
  6. 'In section the tumour tissue was firm and the cut surface of the growth was evenly white and had small cysts in it.'
  7. '‘I stepped on what I thought was firm ground and I sank until my ankles,’ she said.'
  8. 'The firm ground did not help as far as the size of the fields was concerned and the races contained fewer runners than we have come to expect at Punchestown.'
  9. 'When you are cruising your local bazaar, make sure to only buy fruits that are bright red, shiny, and firm with no mould in sight.'
  10. 'no building can stand without firm foundations'
  11. 'These results will provide students with a firm foundation to pursue further studies or to enter the world of work.'
  12. 'They can see the firm foundations being laid at Elland Road.'
  13. 'Our studies provide a firm foundation to investigate this intriguing notion.'
  14. 'However, it had a firm foundation of trust on which to build, as recent surveys had shown that most people trusted their GP or nurse.'
  15. 'Coun Francis wished the clerk well and he praised him for putting the council on a firm financial footing.'
  16. 'you need a firm grip on the steering'
  17. 'He started on the dishes again, making sure he kept a firm grip on every dish.'
  18. 'After making sure you have a firm grip on the outward line, you should cut it as close to your body as possible.'
  19. 'I then proceeded to let out a few feet of tape and make sure I had a firm grip on it.'
  20. 'He kept a firm grip on her to make sure she was alright, but pulled something out of his pocket.'
  21. 'She danced next to him for a song; he kept a firm grip on her wrist to make sure she didn't slip away into the crowd.'
  22. 'Her voice sounded kind and caring, even though she sounded firm with Chad about Sean getting his rest.'
  23. 'Having taken our decision, this country will now pursue our aims with firm resolve and with determination.'
  24. 'However, he did still have to be firm with the girl, otherwise she would transgress.'
  25. 'Raising her head high, Julia decides to toughen herself and be firm with Cassie.'
  26. 'Kingston is a warm and encouraging older man, firm with the students but gentle and kind.'
  27. 'Not to say that there wasn't debate, but the conclusion was always the same: a firm resolution to do nothing.'
  28. 'It is important to be firm, resolute and committed to get through the first stage.'
  29. 'We, the lesser fry, may enjoy the luxury of shaking and red eyes but we expect the man at the top to be firm, unfaltering and resolute.'
Strongly felt and unlikely to change.
  1. 'First, the United States made a firm commitment to protect and defend Europe.'
  2. 'Ballon Computer Training Centre courses have become a firm favourite with many students returning for follow on courses.'
  3. 'They were resilient people with strong faith and a firm belief in providence.'
  4. 'The Committee was equally firm in its belief that the existing arrangements were imperfect.'
  5. 'The community came away from the service stronger and with a firm desire to form a community movement or organisation.'
  6. 'He is committed to a firm belief, based on his strong religious faith, that he will be healed.'
  7. 'They were industrious by nature with a strong work ethic and a firm belief in self-sufficiency.'
  8. 'The La Touche Cup, over the hills and banks course, is worth 25,000 in its own right and is always a firm favourite with racing fans.'
  9. 'we became firm friends'
  10. 'The two became firm friends and were close collaborators on medical topics for many years.'
  11. 'During a break in proceedings, she told the Yorkshire Post how she came to be an adviser on the show and firm friends with its star.'
  12. 'Constance was a firm believer that things have a way of working themselves out.'
  13. 'So, actually I could almost prove that anyone that gives you a firm answer is by definition wrong.'
  14. 'But transgression, by definition, requires a firm set of rules.'
  15. '‘At the moment we are going on as if it is still going ahead but we are planning to make a firm decision in June,’ she said.'
  16. 'The Crawford Court did not provide a firm definition of the meaning of testimonial.'
  17. 'the pound was firm against the dollar'
  18. 'While many commodity markets have been very much on the firm side, the grain and oilseed complex have been weak.'
  19. 'Brokers said they expect share prices to stay firm next week, supported by the planned establishment of new investment trusts.'


Make more solid or resilient.
  1. 'But I rather like my body image, and I reckon I would be sorted if I just got a hula hoop to firm up my stomach muscles.'
  2. 'By working all heads of the triceps, you can firm up the backs of your arms and develop a gorgeous contour, Roberts says.'
  3. 'Wheel tracks are quite visible where they have firmed the soil in a stand of winter what planted in a poor, loose seedbed.'
  4. 'The soil should preferably be firmed so that it most readily absorbs day heat to depth and reradiates it continuously through the night.'
  5. 'When the transplants go in the ground the soil is firmed around the roots and then the ground is soaked so that the water will further put roots in contact with soil.'
  6. 'Fill in around root balls with additional soil; firm the soil with your hands, then water.'
  7. 'Add enough soil to fill the pot, firming the soil gently around the bulbs being careful not to bruise them.'
  8. 'The ground has been leveled and they are firming the soil.'
  9. 'In November, when leaves are down, plant seeds 3 inches apart and firm the soil over them.'
  10. 'With just a little bit of simple joinery one could make a Shaker-style wooden seed box to replace the modern plastic version, and a soil tamper to firm the compost.'
  11. 'the agreements still have to be firmed up'
  12. 'Preliminary talks on possible sites have taken place between Leeds United and the city council at the highest level and will continue as plans are firmed up.'
  13. 'Bank of America has firmed up plans to set up a captive BPO outfit in Hyderabad, which will begin operations next month.'
  14. 'We note however that subsequently the October announcement was firmed up into a real, live agreement.'
  15. 'Tata Steel has firmed up its plan to set up chrome producing plant in South Africa with an investment of over Rs 250 crore as part of company's strategy to increase its global presence in steel and minerals.'
  16. 'Once the staging agreement is firmed up, Headingley's future will be assured and the indications are that the ground will be under Yorkshire's control by the end of June at the latest.'
  17. 'According to the company, plans in this regard would be firmed up by mid-2005.'
  18. 'And although the cornerstone was laid amid Independence Day fanfare, the design still has yet to be firmed up.'
  19. 'Sources said the individual entrepreneurs involved have signed a confidentiality agreement which does not allow any of them to go public on the group's plans until schedules are firmed up.'
  20. 'Bali Hai point was suggested as the welcoming area and plans need to be firmed up as to the decorations and formalities.'
  21. with complement 'the shares firmed 15p to 620p'
  22. 'Forecasts from the Organisation for Economic Development and Co-operation predict prices will firm in most major commodities.'
  23. 'Carphone provided a positive update at the end of September which has helped the shares to firm 15%.'
  24. 'Dutch shares firmed early on Thursday after the firm announced it was maintaining its dividend for the year contradicting earlier forecasts by analysts who had forecast the first dividend cut in over 20 years.'
  25. 'Now, margins have been compressed by pricing pressures, and industry analysts and executives don't see prices firming anytime soon.'


In a resolute and determined manner.
  1. 'she will stand firm against the government's proposal'
  2. 'He also knows that if you are prepared to stand firm and brazenly insist that you have always acted in good faith and done what you think is right, you can hope to con your way out of it.'
  3. 'We must stand firm and not bend under the social pressures and norms that surround us.'
  4. 'The prescription for this dilemma is for contracting offices to stand firm and not take on this type of assignment.'


A business concern, especially one involving a partnership of two or more people.
  1. as modifier 'a law firm'
  2. 'Union members are demanding shorter working hours and the government's retraction of its plan to privatize the public firms, which they fear will lead to massive layoffs.'
  3. 'She admits that it is easier for her to go into partnership with big firms now that she has established her reputation.'
  4. 'I'm a junior partner at a law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions.'
  5. 'The same costs potentially face publishing firms and broadcasting companies every time they decide to fight a complex libel case.'
  6. 'All of the foreign companies are partnered with local Taiwanese firms.'
  7. 'Should partners in law and accounting firms be entitled to sue if they face age, race, or sex discrimination?'
  8. 'It is rare for a biotechnology firm to establish its business in a an existing property.'
  9. 'Also beleaguered are trucking companies, chemical concerns, and construction firms.'
  10. 'The company is a full service law firm which acts primarily for business clients.'
  11. 'In the property manager's office, Paul and I met with the law firm's office manager and real estate agent.'


1. not soft or yielding when pressed; comparatively solid, hard, stiff, or rigid: firm ground; firm texture.

2. securely fixed in place.

3. not shaking or trembling; steady: a firm voice.

4. not likely to change; fixed; settled; unalterable: a firm belief.

5. steadfast or unwavering, as persons or principles: firm friends.

6. indicating firmness or determination: a firm expression.

7. not fluctuating much or falling, as prices, values, etc.: The

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"prices can be firm on demands."

"prices can be firm on dates."

"prices can be firm on supplies."

"prices can be firm at auctions."

"dollars can be firm against yen."

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(firm)Late 16th century: from Spanish and Italian firma, from medieval Latin, from Latin firmare ‘fix, settle’ (in late Latin ‘confirm by signature’), from firmus ‘firm’; compare with farm. The word originally denoted one's autograph or signature; later (mid 18th century) the name under which the business of a firm was transacted, hence the firm itself (late 18th century).


be on firm ground
a firm hand