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Containing a large amount of fat.
  1. 'fatty tissue'
  2. 'Fatty, greasy, fried foods and fatty meats like hot dogs, beacon sausages, fish and chicken should be avoided at all costs just like butter, mayonnaise, salad dressings and other oils.'
  3. 'She spends most of her time reading self-help books, eating vast amounts of fatty food and struggling against insomnia.'
  4. 'Purge your diet of greasy, fatty foods, limit your sodium and up your daily water quotient to 8-10 glasses a day at least.'
  5. 'Reducing the amount of fatty foods eaten prior to pregnancy is also a good bet, as that lessens exposure to persistent chemicals like PCBs and dioxin.'
  6. 'Although it's good to remember that it is far more beneficial to consume additional carbohydrates and less fatty foods whenever possible.'
  7. 'To do this, she recommends cutting out all refined, sweetened and junk foods and eating more fresh non-starchy vegetables and good quality protein and fatty foods.'
  8. 'This was before the National Health Service started and he was never told that eating fatty foods could cause cholesterol.'
  9. 'Among women, the extra fatty tissue produces an excess of the female hormone oestrogen.'
  10. 'Fat-soluble vitamins lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and can be stored there.'
  11. 'In stressful times, pregnant women are no different than the rest of us: they load up on carbohydrates, fatty foods, sweets and snacks.'
  12. 'Liver transplantation has been necessary in patients with end-stage cirrhosis, but fatty liver disease may recur in the transplanted organ in some patients.'
  13. 'Cholesterol, which your body produces for building cells, is the main substance in fatty deposits that can develop in your arteries.'
  14. 'A common heart condition is coronary heart disease, in which fatty deposits gradually block the coronary arteries.'


A fat person (often as a nickname)
  1. 'He offers this advice to fatties on his website.'
  2. 'Worse, we are breeding another generation of potential fatties by allowing our children to eat too much, without enough competitive sport in case they fail and get upset.'
  3. 'Watch for the mean spirited and endless gags about fatties, boyish girls, overweight Hawaiians etc, etc.'
  4. 'Hmmm, maybe there's a use after all for the hordes of obese fatties that the media is on about.'
  5. 'Blaming others for our own poor financial choices is like the fatties that eat too much and exercise too little.'
  6. 'Turns out the best way to get fatties, drunks and tar-breaths to improve their lifestyle is to get them on television and humiliate them.'
  7. 'Can't the big fatties just use their brains to talk people down and calm situations?'
  8. 'I can't wait to see those fatties… it's funny because they're morbidly obese.'
  9. 'I always thought that obsessing about weight was for wimps and fatties.'


1. consisting of, containing, or resembling fat: fatty tissue.

2. Pathology. characterized by overproduction or excessive accumulation of fat.

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"meals can be fatty in fibres."

"acids can be fatty such as oils."

"acids can be fatty."

"sellers can be fatty."

"foods can be fatty."

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