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Showing a prudent awareness of future possibilities.
  1. 'Wouldn't it be great if Georgia were in the forefront of this groundbreaking legislation that shows such far-sighted thinking!'
  2. 'It was founded in 1976 by group of far-sighted people who saw government control steadily encircling other universities, dependent as they are on state funding.'
  3. 'The challenges are real and must be addressed, but for far-sighted businesses this environment has also created a unique opportunity.'
  4. 'He is shrewd, far-sighted, and ruthlessly economical with words'
  5. 'What makes it big news is perhaps the fact that although it's a very complicated transaction, it's also a far-sighted one.'
  6. 'He continued: ‘This is obviously a very far-sighted and visionary idea but one that will require a great deal of prayer, research and careful thought.’'
  7. 'He adds that far-sighted companies strategize how they can use resources in a renewable way so they are not cost-buying later on.'
  8. 'On the Conservative side, far-sighted imperialists were already sensing that the sun might be setting on the British Empire.'
  9. 'Experts are prone to error just like anyone else and their vision of the future is not necessarily any more far-sighted.'
  10. 'Acquisition of material goods is but one step towards such far-sighted competence.'
  1. 'But the little girl is very far-sighted in one eye, so her sight will not be that good.'
  2. 'Jellyfish are horribly hyperopic, or far-sighted!'
  3. 'My mom pulled out her wrist watch and held it away from her far-sighted eyes.'
  4. 'I'm far-sighted, and almost blind in the right eye.'



1. seeing objects at a distance more clearly than those near at hand; hyperopic.

2. seeing to a great distance.

3. wise, as in foreseeing future developments: a farsighted statesman.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be far-sighted in ways."

"moves can be far-sighted."

"wisdoms can be far-sighted."

"people can be far-sighted."

"decisions can be far-sighted."

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