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Covering or affecting a large area.
  1. 'The house and its gardens are set in extensive park land and a first impression is that of a comfortable stately home.'
  2. 'The second bedroom features a door to the garden and extensive built-in wardrobes.'
  3. 'This extensive over-development would affect the lives of everyone living in Fulford.'
  4. 'We wandered the extensive gardens of the home together and came to a steep grassy bank.'
  5. 'Outside, the delightful wooded gardens have extensive river frontage and a sunny aspect.'
  6. 'Today it belongs to the Rockefeller Foundation, but the extensive gardens are open to small guided tours.'
  7. 'The phone was not recovered despite extensive searches of the area by teams of officers over the weekend.'
  8. 'They carried out an extensive search of the area but nothing was found.'
  9. 'This, coupled with its extensive gardens, should be of interest to growing families.'
  10. 'It is located within a cluster of houses and has a side entrance and an extensive rear garden.'
  11. 'an extensive collection of silver'
  12. 'Homes which will be affected by the extensive work will be contacted directly by Yorkshire Water.'
  13. 'With such extensive legal power already in the hands of the government, why do we need to make things worse?'
  14. 'After many years of extensive research into this area I have also reached the same conclusion.'
  15. 'I have a fairly extensive amount of work done on the subject, and a number of links that are worth following.'
  16. 'The public toilets will also be given an extensive facelift and the whole site resurfaced with bay markings.'
  17. 'There's nowhere else in the world you could see such an extensive and amazing collection of modern art.'
  18. 'Such an extensive collection surely implies an element of forethought.'
  19. 'Rosie has also had extensive involvement with the Catholic Church and school activities.'
  20. 'Kumaratunga is increasingly relying on her extensive executive powers as president.'
  21. 'The Barron Hall, a listed building is an asset to the area which needs extensive repairs.'
(of agriculture) obtaining a relatively small crop from a large area with a minimum of capital and labour.
  1. 'Secondly, at the time of the Mayans there was no extensive agriculture in Venezuela.'
  2. 'Will the drive for more extensive systems in farming lead to greater problems?'
  3. 'Viticulture is most extensive in the Rhine and Mosel valleys in west Germany and is an important export industry.'


1. of great extent; wide; broad: an extensive area.

2. covering or extending over a great area: extensive travels.

3. far-reaching; comprehensive; thorough: extensive knowledge.

4. lengthy: an extensive journey.

5. great in amount, number, or degree: an extensive fortune; extensive political influence.

6. of or having extension: Space is extensive, time durational.

7. noting or pertaining to a system of agriculture involving the use or cultivation of large area

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"damages can be extensive in locations."

"drifts can be extensive on places."

"drifts can be extensive on grounds."

"turnarounds can be extensive in scopes."

"ranges can be extensive from grades."

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Late Middle English: from French extensif, -ive or late Latin extensivus, from extens- ‘stretched out’, from the verb extendere (see extend).