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Responding too readily to something new or stimulating; easily excited.
  1. 'His coolly rationalist approach to religion was complemented by an excitable temperament and a taste for the picaresque.'
  2. 'In the first phase of his public career before 1914 he was widely regarded as a young man in a hurry who was self-centred and excitable.'
  3. 'Research has shown even casual smoking during pregnancy can make newborn babies jittery, more excitable and more difficult to console than babies born to non-smokers.'
  4. 'Once the heat of the day has passed and the sun starts to set, a steady trickle of excitable youngsters drag their parents and grandparents to the banks of the river.'
  5. 'There's a word we have for friends that can be a little emotional like that: excitable.'
  6. 'They are passionate, excitable and talkative about all sport - at least sport as it is played Down Under where, by the way, this column is coming to you from.'
  7. 'The Artisan Child is highly active, easily excitable, likes taking risks and getting into mischief.'
  8. 'They have to be more patient, less emotional, more deliberative, less excitable.'
  9. 'Once again, plenty of turn-out time and correct feeding for the type of work the horse is doing, will help to calm an excitable temperament.'
  10. '‘There is an overly excitable mood amongst the political classes, and the game is far from clear yet,’ says one senior government source.'
(of tissue or a cell) responsive to stimulation.
  1. 'So far, models for electrically excitable cells only could predict enhancement of calcium load during release.'
  2. 'The voltage-gated Na + channel is critical for depolarization and conduction in most excitable cells.'
  3. 'However, the sodium channel inactivation gates are open in the hyperpolarized virtual anode region, causing the tissue to be excitable.'
  4. 'It is the most excitable part of the neuron and the site at which the nerve impulse is initiated.'
  5. 'Voltage-sensitive Na + channels are responsible for the upstroke of the action potential in excitable cells.'
  6. 'Voltage-gated channels are essential proteins for the functioning of excitable tissues.'
  7. 'Voltage-gated sodium channels are found in most excitable tissues like nerve, heart, and muscle.'
  8. 'Potassium channels play fundamental roles in excitable cells.'


1. easily excited: Prima donnas had the reputation of being excitable and temperamental.

2. capable of being excited.

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"people can be excitable."

"tissues can be excitable."

"natures can be excitable."

"nationalists can be excitable."

"kerbs can be excitable."

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