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Extremely good; outstanding.
  1. 'their results are excellent'
  2. 'Followed by an excellent lunch, fine wine, more coffee and a Cuban cigar to finish off.'
  3. 'In fairness, the pitch has seen some serious work on it and is in excellent condition.'
  4. 'The schools have had outstanding test and exam results as well as the excellent reports.'
  5. 'There was a cool, shaded garden and an excellent veranda from which to watch the street go by.'
  6. 'A good strong powerful striker who is excellent in the air and has brilliant shooting.'
  7. 'My favourite ever piece of digital art is an excellent example of this kind of sublime infinity.'
  8. 'For man is made to the image of God, which condition is undoubtedly most excellent.'
  9. 'A quite excellent place to eat and the perfect place to end a very busy and interesting day.'
  10. 'For those with lesser appetites, this would probably be an excellent value meal for two.'
  11. 'It was a fine start to what promises to be an excellent season of historic rallying.'


Used to indicate approval or pleasure.


    1. possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good.

    2. Archaic. extraordinary; superior.

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    "housings can be excellent to staffs."

    "prospects can be excellent in places."

    "fits can be excellent for people."

    "businesses can be excellent in places."

    "tandems can be excellent in systems."

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    Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘outstanding’ in either a good or bad way): from Old French, from Latin excellent- ‘being pre-eminent’, from excellere (see excel). The current appreciatory sense dates from the early 17th century.