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Making great demands on one's skill, attention, or other resources.
  1. 'But then they are equally scathing about anything that fails to measure up to their own exacting standards.'
  2. 'Injuries may hurt but the pain of not being able to reach his own exacting standards would be harder to deal with.'
  3. 'Although he had a lifelong interest in philosophy, his exacting personal standards permitted only a few published articles in our field.'
  4. 'An appeal is an expensive step in the judicial process and one that makes an exacting claim on judicial resources.'
  5. 'While the wizards were most certainly using spells to scour the mountainsides for spies or scouts, it would take a magus of exacting skill to locate her.'
  6. 'Sorry I couldn't use all your emails, but very few of them measured up to our exacting quality standards.'
  7. 'I didn't have to worry whether water taxis, hotels and restaurants were up to his exacting standards.'
  8. 'His exacting personal standards, morose private nature and unapologetic misogyny often gave him a truculent, dyspeptic appearance which was well deserved.'
  9. 'The only question is whether our politicians - who are after all human - can measure up to these exacting standards demanded by the Scottish parliament - I'm sure I couldn't.'
  10. 'With an exacting attention to detail, Kees combines reality derived from photographs, memory and studies from life with creative imagery to convey his vision.'


1. rigid or severe in demands or requirements: an exacting teacher.

2. requiring close application or attention: an exacting task.

3. given to or characterized by exaction; extortionate.

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"organizations can be exacting in/at/on pounds."

"standards can be exacting."

"requirements can be exacting."

"demands can be exacting."

"people can be exacting."

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