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Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness.
  1. 'Do you suppose some enterprising journalist might now ask to have a look at the whole journal?'
  2. 'The Scottish film industry may be small, but is recognised globally as creative, enterprising and skilled.'
  3. 'They've got some big-hearted kids and one or two talented players, and they were enterprising.'
  4. 'Other enterprising Brits have also gone into business in the area.'
  5. 'Last year, for example, some enterprising young chaps went off to the Mount Everest base camp!'
  6. 'Unemployed and facing the dole queue, this enterprising young man decided to set up his own business.'
  7. 'Pearson was an enterprising individual and demonstrated great conviction in his way-out proposal.'
  8. 'Some of his shots were little more than slogging but none could question his bold and enterprising approach.'
  9. 'An enterprising teacher has been recognised for her skills in the classroom.'
  10. 'What this team of enterprising young men do is to bring together components and assemble units at their place.'


1. ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty, or untried schemes; energetic in carrying out any undertaking: Business is in need of enterprising young people.

2. characterized by great imagination or initiative: an enterprising foreign policy.

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"bands can be enterprising in things."

"criminals can be enterprising in efforts."

"people can be enterprising."

"economies can be enterprising."

"productions can be enterprising."

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