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Fit to be eaten (often used to contrast with unpalatable or poisonous varieties)
  1. 'I had no idea there were 13 types of edible beans.'
  2. 'A frog will starve to death in a field of perfectly edible dead bugs.'
  3. 'In fact, the creamy white flesh is barely edible; it's tasteless and slimy.'
  4. 'When it comes to edible gifts, the list of things to make is endless.'
  5. 'This applies mostly to the larger edible variety, which are a delicacy for a number of households, both urban and rural.'
  6. 'Since ancient times, locals have planted rape flowers to extract edible oil.'
  7. 'Many of the edible seaweeds mentioned in the article can be hard to find.'
  8. 'Would-be pickers should be wary of traditional rules for separating edible fungi from poisonous varieties.'
  9. 'Sally told herself and started looking around the areas, hoping to find some wild berries or other edible fruits.'
  10. 'But there are some less well-known edible plants that are also very attractive to look at.'


Items of food.
  1. 'During the long and miserable forty days of Lent, desirable edibles such as eggs and butter were not permitted to be eaten.'
  2. 'Generous and hospitable to a fault, he does not forget to bring in all kinds of edibles, from fruits to biscuits and cereals.'
  3. 'Heinz makes ketchup, pizza crust, baby cereal and other edibles in such countries as Poland, Venezuela, Botswana, Thailand, and most of all, China and India.'
  4. 'Around the house is a mix of edibles (persimmon, grapes) and old-fashioned plants like wisteria that suggests a restored ranch garden.'
  5. 'And still the vermin stole and ate every morsel of edibles they found.'
  6. 'Most of us immediately wipe up spills in the fridge, and we all know we should tightly seal food before stowing it, and toss out edibles past their prime.'
  7. 'It doesn't recognize the utter practicality of it, the need to supply yourself with edibles.'
  8. 'Nutritional science is demonstrating that some edibles - call them functional foods - do far more than provide essential nutrients for normal maintenance and development.'
  9. 'That's why in our annual holiday season search for incredible edibles, we decided to focus on American purveyors of foods that make us feel good.'
  10. 'After they get a fire going and sufficient wood stocked up, they eat supper that consists of some stew and some edibles they find around the camp.'


1. fit to be eaten as food; eatable; esculent. noun

2. Usually, edibles. edible substances; food.

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"newspapers can be edible after years."

"carrots can be edible after years."

"oils can be edible."

"prices can be edible."

"imports can be edible."

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Late 16th century: from late Latin edibilis, from Latin edere ‘eat’.