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Giving good value or return in relation to the money, time, or effort expended.
  1. 'What is the easiest, most economical way to get rid of the standing water?'
  2. 'They are reasonably inexpensive and economical to run.'
  3. 'You might be surprised, however, to discover that you have an extremely economical car in your driveway.'
  4. 'Motorcycle gloves, and even common workman's gloves can be economical alternatives for beginners.'
  5. 'To begin with, gravel is very economical compared to other paving materials.'
  6. 'Higher upfront costs might be more economical in the long run.'
  7. 'I am considerate, drive to the speed limit and also drive a car that's more economical than my old one.'
  8. 'Thus it is important to make groundwater exploration as economical as possible with the highest possible success rate.'
  9. 'Pastures are often the most economical way to provide forage for ruminant animals.'
  10. 'Not only were the cars quick, but they were very economical as well.'
  11. 'he was economical in all areas of life'
  12. 'The Deputy Prime Minister said his Economy Ministry returned 20 million leva to the budget last year, because they were economical.'
  13. 'I have heard about him from some of my economical colleagues.'
  14. 'From the 1950s to 1960s, he was renowned for his economical lifestyle.'
  15. 'My mother was economical and a good manager, so we never went without any necessities.'
  16. 'And it is time that we all realise that governments only have limited powers to change and influence while economical actors are the leaders of change.'
  17. 'Somewhat surprisingly, standard 118 bhp models are very economical with fuel.'


1. avoiding waste or extravagance; thrifty: an economical meal; an economical use of interior space.

2. economic.

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"plants can be economical at powers."

"imports can be economical for places."

"processes can be economical on scales."

"people can be economical with truths."

"notes can be economical to prints."

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be economical with the truth