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Fit to be consumed as food.
  1. 'Several of the men left early to hunt, and the remainder of them shared bits of eatable fruits and beans found in the wild.'
  2. 'The only eatable substances left were Joel's spices, that were great when you had food to go along with them.'
  3. 'Fumbwa, another typical Congolese dish, is mainly prepared with a popular variety of eatable leafy vegetable that grows wild in the forest over there.'


Items of food.
  1. 'Like any other college canteen, this shop has eatables and stationery articles required by the students.'
  2. 'People, who managed to come out of the area, have reported that there is an acute shortage of potable water and eatables.'
  3. 'He would be showered with money, eatables and gifts after which he would be brought back home for circumcision in the presence of a big gathering.'
  4. 'Likewise, eatables with low calorie content such as wheat bread, diet rusk, fruits with low sugar content, and vegetables controlling sugar in the body were displayed.'
  5. 'At every point we would come across a boat vendor selling some eatables, they would purchase something for me to eat.'
  6. 'In the latter part of this plan she was, of course, following God's final instructions to Noah; ‘For your part provide yourself with eatables of all kinds and lay in a store of them, to serve as food for yourself.’'
  7. 'Collectively, the eatables of nations have a great hand in giving their people their uniqueness.'
  8. 'Those with children had to face a lot of problems to arrange eatables.'
  9. 'Some three to four years ago, a visitor to the zoo could very easily carry water bottles and eatables in plastic carry-bags inside.'
  10. 'The tribal children were provided dresses, shoes, pen, pencils and eatables.'


1. edible. noun

2. Usually, eatables. articles of food.

More examples(as adjective)

"everythings can be eatable."

"cobses can be eatable."