Adjective "Easy-Going" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Relaxed and tolerant in attitude or manner.
  1. 'The watchword here was informality, with the pair linking skits and sketches in an amiable, easy-going manner.'
  2. 'Most of their players are casual competitors who treat the sport as a pleasant pastime and an easy-going way of relaxation.'
  3. 'By all reports, Roberts has an easy-going demeanor that would allow him to get along with all members of the Court.'
  4. 'The current situation our economy faces now does not allow an easy-going attitude.'
  5. 'It's amazing how paranoid I am about my handbag, considering how easy-going I am about most things.'
  6. 'Roger's easy-going, relaxed style made him a star performer on the European television and concert circuit.'
  7. 'The mood, for the most part, was one of easy-going generosity towards the Prince.'
  8. 'The Gwaliorites are traditional people and are easy-going and tolerant.'
  9. 'For some reason, he wasn't himself; normally he was so relaxed and easy-going that it got annoying.'
  10. 'He had an easy-going manner, which made him a natural and popular leader.'



1. calm and unworried; relaxed and rather casual: an easygoing person.

2. going easily, as a horse.