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Conscientiously or obediently fulfilling one's duty.
  1. 'Being the dutiful daughter, I offered them the spare room at my place until they got themselves sorted out.'
  2. 'Though striking a blow for Indian womanhood, Sharma remains a dutiful daughter in the traditional mould and still places great faith in arranged marriages.'
  3. 'Her brother was ever the dutiful doctor, responding to calls that come even in the oddest hour.'
  4. 'She tells him she will bring him to a home where she will be a faithful and dutiful servant to him, and that if this home reminds him of a home long lost, he should weep for it also.'
  5. '‘The undertaker suggested dutiful or loving daughter,’ David continued.'
  6. 'With Mimi he was expected to be neatly groomed, dutiful and obedient.'
  7. 'Yes folks its that time of year again, whereby as a dutiful parent I oblige my responsibility to dispense with two hours of valuable time to go and watch the Junior School Nativity play.'
  8. 'It's an unlikely friendship: Andy is dutiful, responsible, endearingly stuffy, but caring and contemplative.'
  9. 'In theory, this is done routinely to encourage dutiful submission to authority.'
  10. 'But yet, being the dutiful daughter she was, she did fight their war for them.'
  11. 'dutiful applause'
  12. 'Its clergy, in the main, were neither piously devoted nor scandalously negligent, but were generally dutiful if rather unambitious pastors.'
  13. 'In this case, he had the unfortunate suspicion that this woman's desire was a dutiful one.'
  14. 'The applause at the mention of his name is dutiful and cheerless.'
  15. 'We see them playing to throngs of hundreds in big clubs and to a handful of dutiful applauders in improvised performance spaces.'
  16. 'A historical novel, it is no dutiful trudge - rather an artful waka, rowing fast and with purpose.'
  17. 'It's a depressing resolution for a heroine: to do the dutiful thing.'


1. performing the duties expected or required of one; characterized by doing one's duty: a dutiful citizen; a dutiful child.

2. required by duty; proceeding from or expressive of a sense of duty: dutiful attention.

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"wives can be dutiful."

"daughters can be dutiful."

"sons can be dutiful."

"people can be dutiful."

"visits can be dutiful."

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