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Fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.
  1. 'Soiled with dust and ground-in dirt, taped and re-taped, the pages were beginning to fall apart.'
  2. 'They have appointed a German company to carry out tests on dust in surrounding homes and flats and asked residents to keep a diary of when they spot pollution coming from the chimney.'
  3. 'The door rattled a bit and small particles of dust floated to the ground.'
  4. 'There's thick dust on every surface, your kitchen's caked in layers of fat, and the bathroom just doesn't bear thinking about.'
  5. 'Are we going to see small clouds of dust when fighting on dusty grounds?'
  6. 'My boots raised small clouds of dust from the ground as I followed the rutted and rocky little goat-trail up the hillside.'
  7. 'Old tapes carry a lot of dust or other particles that can clog up your VCR.'
  8. 'Fine particles of dust will get everywhere - even if you section off the room, but you may be able to minimize the impact on the rest of the house.'
  9. 'It may also by carried by dust and long grass contaminated by infected animals so if one beast develops the condition, the others should be moved out of that pasture.'
  10. 'The most popular theory is that a cloud of dust smothered the earth in a thick haze that would have blocked out the sun.'
  11. 'coal dust'
  12. 'And even after they'd cleaned up you could still see the coal dust under their skin.'
  13. 'These are badly in need of renovation - years of coal dust have darkened them.'
  14. 'Comets are thought to be remnants from the earliest days of the solar system, containing pristine space dust and other material from this crucial period.'
  15. 'He was working with a stone-dusting crew, a safety procedure to minimise the risks of a potentially fatal coal dust explosion underground.'
  16. 'Black sputum is a sign of inhalation of particles, usually from cigarettes, but classically from coal dust in miners.'
  17. 'Among the characters is the driver who bequeathed to his family the stubborn speck of coal dust in his eye.'
  18. '‘Now that there's no longer coal dust lying atop of everything, you can see how beautiful this country really is,’ says Red.'
  19. 'When the strike began, his father was a few days from early retirement, a victim of coal dust and the lung disease emphysema.'
  20. 'Water sprayed on the huge exposed seam settles dust and keeps the air clean, and prevents a fire hazard with explosive coal dust.'
  21. 'Pressure last night mounted on the Government to end the shame of some former mineworkers crippled by coal dust being denied proper compensation.'
  22. 'As if for good measure, a fine dust of freckles was sprinkled over her little nose.'
  23. 'When the pick hit a chunk of rock it would send at a sonic blast that would reduce it to a fine dust.'
  24. 'In assessing whether or not a particular dust found under certain conditions is likely to prove harmful to those exposed, a number of factors needs to be considered.'
  25. 'The aquatint ground is usually formed by covering the plate with a fine dust of powdered resin, which is then fused to the plate by heat.'
  26. 'The tissue was ground to a fine dust, the DNA extracted.'
  27. 'The bones crumble to a fine dust that whips past us, leaving only the forgotten fires still raging in the kitchen.'
  28. 'All that would result would be a fine dust and that'd blow away in the first wind, taking all the goodness of the soil away with it.'
  29. 'Silver iodide is used to make rain, by sprinkling it as a fine dust onto rainclouds, which leads to condensation.'
  30. 'Every window in the ship shattered into a fine dust, and all the humans felt like they were vibrating severely.'
  31. 'The planet's shrouded surface has cooled, and this allowed the winds to die down and the fine dust to begin settling.'
  32. 'From time to time, the flash of her camera lights up the dust in whirling clouds.'
  33. 'Troy couldn't see a thing, the dust clouded his vision, and his head had hit into the rock as he had landed.'
  34. 'He was tense and coiled, and if looks could kill, she would already have been a pile of ash and dust.'
  35. 'Their bodies are dust, their voices gone; now only documents exist to indicate their unpleasant fates.'
  36. 'Before him and everyone else, the army dissolved into dust and ash.'
  37. 'Finally, the best advice of the week comes from an American comedian who asks you to remember both that you are dust and ashes and that the world was created just for you.'
  38. 'Creatures are dust and ashes that rightly should tremble before the Judgement Throne of a just, benevolent and fearful deity who metes out punishment and reward.'
  39. 'Luther said of himself, ‘I am dust and ashes and full of sin.’'
  40. 'He suggests not, and translates the text, ‘Therefore I retract and change my mind, being but dust and ashes.’'
An act of dusting.
  1. 'Never the less he gave it a quick dust, fitted the terminator device and left.'


Remove the dust or dirt from the surface of (something) by wiping or brushing it.
  1. 'pick yourself up and dust yourself down'
  2. 'Removing dead leaves and flowers as well as wiping or dusting the leaves of your plants will keep them happy and healthy and keep your indoor garden looking gorgeous.'
  3. 'You were to dust my bookshelves and wash the windows and clean the carpets twice a week.'
  4. 'I opened the box and dusted the fine haired brush before applying the dark fingerprinting dust with gentle strokes onto the glass to make the prints visible.'
  5. 'The film loader is not very clean and should I try cleaning and dusting it or simply buy a new one?'
  6. 'I cleaned two pairs of boots, swept and dusted the room and the hall and got the breakfast up.'
  7. 'The boots were dusted clean by many of the players that returned to the squad.'
  8. 'His desk was dusted clean, revealing reflections on the varnished wooden surface.'
  9. 'I dusted the sand and dirt off of my blue jean skirt.'
  10. 'She got up slowly, dusting the specks of dirt off her pants, and walked towards the door.'
  11. 'We cleaned out the dog house (which our cat also uses), dusted the inside, and cleaned and dusted the dog's bed.'
  12. 'a number of aircraft will be dusted off and returned to flight'
  13. 'And by ‘somewhat’ I note it's been 29 weeks and 5 days since we last dusted it off and bestowed it on a worthy individual.'
  14. 'Yes that's right, its time to dust the cobwebs off the old wooden racket, tighten the strings on the shiny racket that has only seen a tennis ball in two weeks total out of this last four years.'
  15. 'But today of all days he had to bring it out and dust it off.'
  16. 'In a region where history is never consigned to the dustbin, ancient hostilities are dusted down almost daily.'
  17. 'Yesterday, an old friend told me she was asking lots of people what their favorite books were, so I metaphorically dusted it off, tweaked it, and sent this.'
  18. 'The idea remained dormant for more than 25 years until Miller dusted it off and tried it on.'
  19. 'Trench coats, slouch hats and Tommy guns were dusted off and called into service again, at least until new cues could be established.'
  20. 'Old wars are re-fought, old loves are rekindled and old friendships are dusted off temporarily before being hastily returned to the box marked ‘gone and pretty much forgotten’.'
  21. 'Yet again, the old Battle of Britain headlines will be dusted down.'
  22. 'Along with the new releases some staples have been dusted off for another viewing.'
Cover lightly with a powdered substance.
  1. 'Lightly dust the work surface with flour and roll the dough out into a 35 cm square.'
  2. 'The fields look as if they have been dusted with flour for baking.'
  3. 'North of the little village of shops, rows of houses could be seen at the foot of a chain of majestic mountains that were dusted lightly with snow.'
  4. 'Her hand reached for her brush to dust a tiny bit more color onto her cheeks when she felt a pair of hands grab her from behind.'
  5. 'When he enters her new digs, he tracks paw prints in the layer of flour that dusts everything in sight.'
  6. 'Lightly dust bronzing powder on your forehead, cheeks and browbone, anywhere the sun would hit.'
  7. 'Mix the flour with salt and pepper, and lightly dust the John Dory fillets, shaking off the excess flour.'
  8. 'It was his mom, wearing a navy apron that was dusted in flour.'
  9. 'Transfer to a sheet pan lightly dusted with cornmeal.'
  10. 'Serve at room temperature, dusted lightly with powdered sugar.'
  11. 'orange powder was dusted over the upper body'
  12. 'Perhaps your cat would like her basket rearranged with a new throw and a little wee pillow all lightly dusted with catnip.'
  13. 'If dusted with cocoa powder, as they often are, these are thought to look like freshly dug real truffles.'
  14. 'The chocolate biscuit cake dusted with coconut was great as a kiddie bribe and also went smoothly with my afternoon coffee.'
  15. 'We'll dust ourselves with clay and fossilized feces, fashion a tool driven by a concept, something to blow their little minds.'
  16. 'Whichever noodles you choose, don't forget to dust some diced garlic powder onto them to add more fragrance.'
  17. 'Next to the salad you'll find rings of raw onion lightly dusted with the zesty, purple-red sumac, which brightens up the taste of the meat in a subtle, but noticeable way.'
  18. 'It was spacious, it had a nice boardwalk linking the seating areas, lightly dusted with sand for effect.'
  19. 'I imagine them in an eight by six metre space glowing ripe and juicy, dusted with a sprinkling of rain.'
  20. 'He leans forward to tie a lace, his foot resting on the wheel arch, the skin on his sculptural face so clear and refined, it's as if it has been dusted with gold.'
  21. 'The croutons are toasted and dusted with sugar and spices.'
Beat up or kill someone.

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    1. earth or other matter in fine, dry particles.

    2. a cloud of finely powdered earth or other matter in the air.

    3. any finely powdered substance, as sawdust.

    4. the ground; the earth's surface.

    5. the substance to which something, as the dead human body, is ultimately reduced by disintegration or decay; earthly remains.

    6. British. ashes, refuse, etc. junk1 (def 1).

    7. a low or humble condition.

    8. anything worthless. 9. disturbance; turmoil. 10. gold dust. 1

    1. the mortal bod

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    "times can be dusted."

    "shelves can be dusted."

    "places can be dusted."

    "people can be dusted."

    "others can be dusted."

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    (dust)Old English dūst, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch duist ‘chaff’.


    be done and dusted
    dust and ashes
    the dust settles
    eat someone's dust
    gather (or collect) dust
    leave someone/something in the dust
    not see someone for dust
    kick up (a) dust