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Fat that has melted and dripped from roasting meat, used in cooking or eaten cold as a spread.
  1. 'Heat the butter or dripping in a frying pan, add the cakes and cook them gently for about five minutes on each side until golden and crisp.'
  2. 'And sometimes turkeys will give you a really rich looking dripping.'
  3. 'I still carry around a hankering for bread and dripping, steamed pudding, and sweet macaroni, but I know they will do me no good, so I avoid them.'
  4. 'People will be coming in 1940s costume and a special wartime menu of pie and peas and bread and dripping will be served.'
  5. 'The traditional method of cooking chips in dripping has long gone in favour of healthier vegetable oil.'
  6. 'Money and food were a problem and often they would not have much to eat apart from bread and dripping.'
  7. 'use the pan drippings to brush on the pork'
  8. 'Today's fat-free reductions are healthier, more flavorful options than typical gravies made from pan drippings and thickened with flour.'
  9. 'Leave a tablespoon of drippings in the skillet, add the butter and sauté the onions.'
  10. 'Baste frequently with pan drippings and remaining mixture.'
  11. 'Saute onion and celery in bacon drippings 3-5 minutes.'
  12. 'Skim the fat from pan juices, and reduce the drippings by boiling them down to a delicious sauce.'
  13. 'Juice drippings from your food can pool in these materials and create flare-ups, which means you'll likely be eating charred dry things, not juicy grilled food.'
  14. 'The pan drippings gave gravies and soups a deliciously rich background of flavor.'
  15. 'In the remaining bacon and lard drippings sauté the onions until golden.'
  16. 'Thirty minutes before the ham is finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy.'
  17. 'It's a hearty country dish - carrots, onions, and potatoes cook alongside the chicken, finished with a sauce made from the pan drippings.'


Very wet.
  1. 'Yesterday I was sitting in a café, drinking coffee, and two young girls - just like we used to be - wandered in dripping wet from the rain.'
  2. 'The face was pale, with long, dripping wet grey hair, around it.'
  3. 'I probably sat there for a while because next thing I knew Jessica was standing in front of me, blocking the sun out of my eyes, dripping wet.'
  4. 'He wore a black jacket, smart trousers and a tie, all dripping wet.'
  5. 'His suit and tie were dripping wet and he wouldn't say a word despite his agitation.'
  6. 'Hundreds of New Year partygoers were evacuated dripping wet from one of Manchester's top bars after the sprinkler system was set off.'
  7. 'Alfred was caught, still dripping wet and not able to find towel or clothes until I managed to search out our small torch.'
  8. 'He walked up slowly to her and just stood there, dripping wet from the rain.'
  9. 'Remember, you only want the weeds damp and not dripping wet.'
  10. 'Just as I exited the shower, dripping wet, there was an unearthly commotion from somewhere close by.'


1. the act of something that drips.

2. Often, drippings. the liquid that drips. fat and juices exuded from meat in cooking, used for basting, for making gravy, or as a cooking fat.

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