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A group or set of twelve.
  1. 'I ploughed through the list of courses and picked out about a dozen that appealed.'
  2. 'This contest is primarily a war of turnout in a dozen or so battleground states.'
  3. 'Place the fish in a large saucepan with the milk and a dozen or so peppercorns.'
  4. 'The first golfer said that he sent his wife a dozen red roses and fixed a gourmet dinner for two.'
  5. 'The base of the trunk is pushed just four feet into the ground and secured with a dozen or more wooden wedges.'
  6. 'A nearby rock, the Haystack, has a colony of seals, of which you can see a dozen or so at low tide.'
  7. 'There were around a dozen of us that turned up, from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of ages.'
  8. 'A dozen or so sat on their reflections on the smooth steel grey water of the loch.'
  9. 'With a dozen or so games left to play in the league, the season could easily tail off between now and May.'
  10. 'Long queues at the checkouts at midnight, and not much more than a dozen spaces left in the car park.'
  11. 'she has dozens of admirers'
  12. 'As dozens of people crowded on to the gangway, the structure collapsed.'
  13. 'There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of variations and combinations of tattoos.'
  14. 'All this makes for a very close finish with hundreds, if not dozens of votes deciding the third seat.'
  15. 'But we have had dozens, if not scores, of calls from youngsters who are obviously worried enough to phone us.'
  16. 'They were booing and throwing their programmes, and dozens, if not hundreds walked out screaming in protest at the stage.'
  17. 'Kodak decided to invest dozens of billions of US dollars globally last year to expand its business.'
  18. 'Then the news started pouring in: four bombed trains, dozens of casualties, hundreds of injured.'
  19. 'A city centre church verger has the power to summon scores of police and dozens of security guards at the touch of a button.'
  20. 'Hundreds of people and dozens of vehicles had arrived at the Dome by this time.'
  21. 'The lane petered out to track, the rain increased to torrential and dozens of lambs crowded under thorn trees, bleating.'
An exchange of insults engaged in as a game or ritual among black Americans.

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    noun, plural dozens (as after a numeral) dozen.

    1. a group of 1


    2. the dozens, Slang. a ritualized game typically engaged in by two persons each of whom attempts to outdo the other in insults directed against members of the other's family (usually used in the phrase play the dozens).


    3. twelve.

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    "grins can be dozens."


    (dozen)Middle English: from Old French dozeine, based on Latin duodecim ‘twelve’.


    by the dozen
    talk nineteen to the dozen