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Causing dislike or aversion; disagreeable or unpleasant.
  1. 'The notion that a small group would disrupt the event for reasons of self-interest will be regarded as distasteful.'
  2. 'For sentimental reasons some may find this treatment distasteful.'
  3. 'The public could boycott distasteful TV serials, after all they held the remote.'
  4. 'Making use of the emotionally disturbed in this way has become a distasteful trend on the political left.'
  5. 'But it is not nearly as distasteful as the fact that four people have died at this accident black spot in four years.'
  6. 'I find this kind of coverage distasteful, pointless and irrelevant.'
  7. 'As it is, there is something fishy, even distasteful, about the way this story has been broken.'
  8. 'Of course, in some ways this notion is distasteful, obscene and disgusting.'
  9. 'Debates emphasize ills to be corrected rather than distasteful choices to be made.'
  10. 'I attended one Old Firm match in the 1970s and found it an unpleasant and distasteful affair.'


1. unpleasant, offensive, or causing dislike: a distasteful chore.

2. unpleasant to the taste: a distasteful medicine.

3. showing distaste or dislike.

More examples(as adjective)

"talks can be distasteful in faces."

"questions can be distasteful for clerics."

"names can be distasteful to people."

"illnesses can be distasteful to others."

"contacts can be distasteful in backs."

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