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Far away in space or time.
  1. 'I remember that distant afternoon'
  2. 'I spotted Adrian later in the afternoon staring at the distant tree line with a look of pondering in his eyes.'
  3. '‘I hope I die before I get old’ sang the Who when old age seemed to be something vague on a distant shore.'
  4. 'The Hubble Space Telescope has been used to track distant star-forming galaxies in a project part-funded from Swindon.'
  5. 'He glanced toward the distant shore and nodded.'
  6. 'A man in the distant field caught her attention.'
  7. 'This allowed ships immediate access to distant points in space.'
  8. 'A number of colonies had been established in the distant Besalius sector of space.'
  9. 'Images of those back home remit to the audience the common connectivity among populations distant in space and culture.'
  10. 'To get a better view of the more distant planets requires space probes.'
  11. 'And many of the photo studios used the backs of the photos as advertising space for a mysteriously distant Philadelphia.'
  12. 'the town lay half a mile distant'
  13. 'The NCWO have been appealing against a court ruling that the protests must take place at least 1.4 miles distant from the course.'
  14. 'These are the people who will have to find a new role 400 miles distant from where the real nationalist action is.'
  15. 'Croglin Low Hall is probably the house indicated, but it is at least a mile distant from the church, which has been rebuilt.'
  16. 'We are now three years distant from the biggest foreign policy blunder since the Second World War.'
  17. 'These measures are too polite, too distant from the roiling consumer psyche to be of much use anymore.'
  18. 'Ben was busy feeding his chickens when the sound of a distant echo caught his ears.'
  19. 'The dragon roared again, a sound like distant thunder, and opened its mouth as if to swallow her.'
  20. 'As I touched the handle, I heard the distant sound of running footsteps.'
  21. 'The rumbling noise sounded off again, the distant sounds of the war being waged just outside reaching their ears at a delayed rate.'
  22. 'The sound of distant laughter growing closer killed their argument, if it even was one in the first place.'
  23. 'For a while, the only sounds heard were the distant roar of the highway outside and the tapping rain on the window.'
  24. 'Something chirped, a bird, but the sound was distant, faded.'
  25. 'The sounds of distant footsteps above me brought me out of my guard.'
  26. 'His voice sounded like the distant boom of thunder.'
  27. 'Just then, the cave sounded with the distant echo of quick, flapping wings.'
  28. 'a distant acquaintance'
  29. 'I keep thinking he's appointed every last close friend, family friend, political friend, or even distant loyal acquaintance of his to a job.'
  30. 'However, they bear only a distant, very abstract resemblance to real economic activity.'
  31. 'The wing, landing gear, powerplant, empennage and panel have only a distant resemblance to the homebuilt's equivalents.'
  32. 'When she saw only trees and the distant resemblance of the garden that was behind the house, she couldn't understand what he saw.'
  33. 'But a distant acquaintance of mine, who has an African mother and a French father, came out with a shattering truth.'
  34. 'Quite often, people have a rather strained and distant relationship to their own body.'
  35. 'It's like the classic situation where John introduces his girlfriend Mary to his distant acquaintance Sam, and Mary ends up leaving John for Sam.'
  36. 'Metaphor provides startling redescriptions of the world by revealing an unexpected resemblance between once distant and divergent terms.'
  37. 'That relationship was quite distant, and so he absorbed himself in a tiny scientific world in order to make sense of that relationship.'
  38. 'By the age of five he was speaking French, having been instructed by a distant cousin in the back seat of grandmother's LaSalle.'
  39. 'Her father had arranged her marriage to a distant cousin.'
  40. 'They tell him not to get it removed, a surgical procedure that would take five minutes according to Krishnanunni's distant cousin in town.'
  41. 'She looks more human now, but still behaves like her distant cousins.'
  42. 'However, it still shares many (if not most) of the same characteristics of our distant ancestors.'
  43. 'If someone asks me how I'm related to the bride or groom, I say I'm a distant cousin.'
  44. 'My voice was muffled and with the hair that undoubtedly surrounded my whole hunched over form, I most likely resembled a distant relative of cousin It.'
  45. 'Even if you counted distant third cousins, our ancestors might have been exposed to a grand total of 500 people in their lifetime.'
  46. 'My mother and aunt visited this weekend, and we spent most of Thursday and Friday with them and a distant cousin who lives here in KC.'
  47. 'They did say they were venture capitalists from New Hampshire and sons of some distant cousin or aunt, I think.'
(of a person) not intimate; cool or reserved.
  1. 'she and my father were distant with each other'
  2. 'An elderly couple holiday with their two sons, but something is clearly amiss; the mother is distant and surly, ignoring everything around her.'
  3. 'This night they were distant and cold, displaced from the rest of the world, impartial observers of what happened here.'
  4. 'They were cold and distant with each other having had very little contact in the past two weeks.'
  5. 'Her memories were of a kind and generous man who contrasted sharply with her cold and distant mother.'
  6. 'But the dog demon was growing colder and more distant with each passing day.'
  7. 'He was so distant and reserved now, but I had no idea how he had been before.'
  8. 'Kathy is too angry and resentful to care and Josh has gradually come to grow indifferent toward his drunken distant father.'
  9. 'They are not the ordinances of a stern and distant judge but the loving gift of the bridegroom to his beloved.'
  10. 'He was distant with his daughter and didn't even bother to attend her wedding.'
  11. 'Jack was distant, unfriendly at best, and then he even abruptly pulled out a textbook and started to read it, blocking us out completely.'
  12. 'Now his attention was on the distant mental strings of summoning power he wielded.'
  13. 'I snap to attention, finding myself irritated by the distant glint in her shapely eyes.'
  14. 'On those nights, they sat on the patio together, Leon attentive, Sylvie responsive, yet distant somehow.'
  15. 'The door opened, and the Lord nodded to me, his eyes distant and serene.'
  16. 'The result is a series of distant, icy meditations on life and living; impossibly remote and unhealthily introspective.'
  17. 'Their agenda and top down style of leadership is remote, distant, and often wildly out of step with the needs of poor and working class blacks.'
  18. 'Kaitya nodded, her eyes were beginning to regain their glazed distant feel.'
  19. 'Aria nodded and looked away, as if in distant thought.'
  20. 'He was still the same, attentive and distant at the same time, while Alex tried to act as if they were just friends.'


1. far off or apart in space; not near at hand; remote or removed (often followed by from): a distant place; a town three miles distant from here.

2. apart or far off in time: distant centuries past.

3. remote or far apart in any respect: a distant relative.

4. reserved or aloof; not familiar or cordial: a distant greeting.

5. arriving from or going to a distance, as a communication, journey, etc.: I have here a distant letter from Japan.

More examples(as adjective)

"unions can be distant from people."

"sounds can be distant from people."

"people can be distant from guards."

"officials can be distant from media."

"voices can be distant with irritations."

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Late Middle English: from Latin distant- ‘standing apart’, from the verb distare, from dis- ‘apart’ + stare ‘stand’.