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Having or showing good judgement.
  1. 'This would have helped the discerning clinician in selecting a specific method rather than relying exclusively on the eclectic methods of treatment suggested for each case by the authors.'
  2. 'The independent film holds the hopes of the discerning critic, weary of mainstream bombast, in its hands.'
  3. 'When any group reappears after a long period away the discerning listener is wise to approach the results with caution.'
  4. 'If a cook does not get a discerning customer, all his efforts and culinary skills would be wasted.'
  5. '‘A new range of casual cane chairs has arrived for the discerning customer,’ says Miriam.'
  6. 'However, since then an increasingly competitive market and more discerning customers have forced the company to innovate in order to maintain and strengthen its market share.'
  7. 'More importantly, it will also provide a platform to revive age-old weaves with a contemporary and fashionable look for the discerning Indian customer.'
  8. 'I think the reception that the performance received from what must be described as a discerning audience, would support my judgement of the evening's music.'
  9. 'Today's diamond buyer, it seems, is a more discerning and brand-conscious customer, no longer satisfied with just any old generic rock.'
  10. 'Edicts delivered from on high do not go down well with today's discerning and sophisticated public.'


1. showing good or outstanding judgment and understanding: a discerning critic of French poetry.

More examples(as adjective)

"customers can be discerning."

"consumers can be discerning."

"eyes can be discerning."

"people can be discerning."

"markets can be discerning."

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