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Covered or marked with an unclean substance.
  1. 'her boots were dirty'
  2. '"We handle extremely dirty linens, " Flores said.'
  3. 'Don't let paper get too dirty before cleaning it.'
  4. 'I walked into the washroom to take a shower, I felt so dirty.'
  5. 'They laugh at our strange accent, and condemn our town for being dirty.'
  6. 'You do not want baby to suffer from skin allergies from dirty bed linen.'
  7. 'In his experience, nature tended to make one dirty, smelly and tired.'
  8. 'Steph looked up, hands dirty with dry mud and knees grass stained.'
  9. 'It was wrinkled almost beyond repair and, because he hadn't taken off his shoes, covered in dirty footprints.'
  10. 'Meanwhile the bus station toilets are dirty and the baby changing facilities broken.'
  11. 'I just had a bath to relax and because I was filthy dirty… covered in paint and wallpaper paste, and feet black with newsprint off the newspapers I'd put on the floor.'
  12. 'The feeling of compassion was actually based on the idea we were leading much happier and superior lives than they were able to and that we looked down upon the dirty and hard jobs they performed.'
  13. 'She complained about having done dirty jobs like shredding, and I bid her good day and thought of my friends who might be happy to have some of these slides.'
  14. 'They were dirty jobs, and the money wasn't good, but I thought it was great, and the key thing was having a good time.'
  15. 'You've got to love to fly to do a job that dangerous and dirty.'
  16. '‘My father was a steel worker all his life, in a filthy, dirty, dangerous job,’ he says.'
  17. 'Fridays were taken up with jobbing printing and the dirty job of recycling the lead used to make up the type.'
  18. 'The changes were not all bad, Brian concedes - mining was a dangerous and dirty job.'
  19. 'When you start out, you have to do the dirty jobs, even if it's washing the bikes or keeping watch.'
(of an activity) dishonest; dishonourable.
  1. 'In many cases, corrupt officials collude with each other in an entangled network to fend off probes into their dirty dealings.'
  2. 'You could fill a book on the scandal and dirty dealing that used to operate in Burgundy: every winemaker from the region will tell you his own tale of skulduggery.'
  3. 'It is hard to imagine otherwise. As far as dirty politics is considered, I fear this is just the start.'
  4. 'Under interrogation, he's not likely to rat on his fedayeen, lead us to his hidden billions abroad or tell the truth about dirty dealings with France and Russia.'
  5. 'A group of students asked to conduct a straw poll seemed as keen to vote for Putin as they were to move abroad to work as computing engineers, and considered politics a dirty business.'
  6. 'He had been involved in some dirty dealings with the loan sharks.'
  7. 'The story is a family affair against a backdrop of dirty dealings in the underground transport system.'
  8. 'Greenpeace has a good info page about the environmental impact ship-breaking - as one would imagine, this is a dangerous, dirty activity.'
  9. 'Rumors of dirty dealings had always clung to him, but Nixon had always managed to keep substantive proof of corruption out of the media.'
  10. 'However, they've rarely turned their eye on themselves to assess just what sort of dirty dealing may be going on in-house.'
  11. 'you dirty rat!'
  12. 'I mean, he is a dirty rat, he is a key enemy figure that has to be taken down, but there's other insurgent organizations involved.'
  13. 'This revolting, dirty filthy sight had me retching in disgust.'
Concerned with sex in a lewd or obscene way.
  1. 'As offenses go, dirty jokes just don't register with me any more.'
  2. 'The men accepted me as a peer without question and did not tell dirty jokes or make any inappropriate suggestions around me.'
  3. 'Adults can tell you dirty jokes and you are allowed to laugh at them'
  4. 'He called the safer-sex information ‘something people go buy at dirty bookstores.’'
  5. 'Thanks be to the power of human libido, there is still a massive pile of really dirty, explicit, twisted pornography on the Net.'
  6. 'I mean, they tell all sorts of dirty jokes and discuss lewd things in language I hate to admit I get to listen to all around me, but let someone act like a human being and everyone freaks.'
  7. 'And I'm supposed to never crack a dirty joke or flirt with a cute guy either.'
  8. 'If people think it's obscene it's their dirty minds.'
  9. 'He tells dirty joke after dirty joke and makes a lot of sexual references in every conversation.'
  10. 'Not that I'm not in favour of a crude joke or a dirty joke but only if it's a really clever funny one.'
(of weather) rough, stormy, and unpleasant.
  1. 'Where is the obligatory miasma of old industry and dirty weather, you wonder; the thunderheads stripped of silver linings?'
  2. 'How else would she describe it, A spot of dirty weather?'
(of a colour) not bright or pure; dull.
  1. 'The carpet is a dirty beige - my shoes (too small… children's shoes) are muddy, and the laces trail behind my feet.'
  2. 'The buildings are large, rectangular, and have a dirty grey colour.'
  3. 'He was a good head taller with bright blue eyes and dirty blonde spiked hair.'
  4. 'The Ungaro dress looks like taffeta and has a peach-colored shimmer; the dummy is painted in an exact shade of dirty beige.'
  5. 'The blacks are solid, though the whites can appear a bit dirty by comparison.'
  6. 'It's in black, too (I always hated that dirty grey look, if I'm honest).'
  7. 'Colors range from a dirty tan to yellow and occasionally reddish-orange.'
  8. 'He turned and there was Beth, in the dirty cream coloured Ute.'
  9. 'His fluttering eyes look at me, small slits of sky-blue against the black of his lashes and dirty tan of his skin.'
  10. 'His hair is kind of a dirty blonde colour, though more towards the brown, again.'
  11. 'Nirvana's dirty guitar sound'
  12. 'I don't think there has ever been a more filthy dirty gorgeously distorted sound recorded in the whole history of the recording business…'
  13. 'You can check out a couple of MP3s on their site but if you like the sound of The Verve filtered through dirty blues rock then you won't go wrong.'
  14. 'Having seen them live I know how dirty and raw some of these songs can sound, and unfortunately the studio recordings lose this a little.'
  15. 'This is dirty, ragga house at its best and picks up from where ‘Super Stylin’ left off.'
  16. 'Really, a great disc for anyone who loves deep down, sometimes dirty music.'
  17. 'Even the dirty garage guitar sounds perfect writhing in a bed of electronica on ‘Accelerator.’'
  18. 'However, in all honesty European have a buzz all of their own driven by great rinky dink, cute/evil keyboard lines and dirty but super melodic guitar hooks.'
  19. 'Having conquered their own unique brand of dirty, beautifully awkward garage rock, Clinic was left to seek out new castles to storm.'
  20. 'With this in-your-face romping composition, Alpinestars's dirty electro flirts with raw electric guitars and angelic choirboys.'
  21. 'It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since Germany's Basic Channel label crossed the threshold between deep techno and dirty dub.'


Used for emphasis.
  1. 'The zones earmarked for growth are poised like three swords of Damocles around London's periphery, each one centred on its own source of sustenance: a dirty great road.'
  2. 'If you deface and wreck your countryside with dirty great turbines it is obvious that you will turn visitors away.'
  3. 'Because there's no dirty great ball and chain to drag around, The Monsters get to punch home the point time after time without needing to worry if their hair looks good, or how they fit in.'


Make dirty.
  1. 'Mud dragged out by vehicles and heavy machinery entering and exiting the site have also turned the road into a mudbath, dirtying cars and school busses using the route.'
  2. 'I dirty every pot and use the sink like a dumping ground.'
  3. 'It is a little walk down a muddy path but the waterfall is a sight worth dirtying your shoes for.'
  4. 'When baby dirties herself, clean her up right away.'
  5. 'Wilbur came crawling out from his hiding spot with soot dirtying his face.'
  6. 'Further the render in the area close to the ground will be dirtied by splashes from the ground when it rains.'
  7. 'Just one month ago, Caterina Bayes was so afraid of dirtying her spotless Colchester home, she refused to let relatives and friends across the doorstep.'
  8. 'She accuses them of spoiling the sofa and dirtying the linen.'
  9. 'Pigeons carry 60 very nasty diseases as well as ruining our buildings and dirtying our pavements with their droppings.'


1. soiled with dirt; foul; unclean: dirty laundry.

2. spreading or imparting dirt; soiling: dirty smoke.

3. vile; mean; sordid; contemptible: to play a dirty trick on someone.

4. obscene; pornographic; lewd: a dirty joke.

5. undesirable or unpleasant; thankless: He left the dirty work for me.

6. very unfortunate or regrettable: That's a dirty shame!

7. not fair or sportsmanlike; unscrupulous: a dirty fighter.

8. hostile, insulting, conte

More examples(as adjective)

"organizations can be dirty by prices."

"waters can be dirty with debrises."

"trees can be dirty from grimes."

"tracks can be dirty in/at/on todays."

"towns can be dirty with heaps."

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