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Extending or moving from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.
  1. 'Rail campaigners are renewing calls for Bradford's two stations to be linked and for better direct rail routes to other English cities.'
  2. 'The island has seen a tourist boom in recent years, following the introduction of direct flights from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.'
  3. 'The completion of Secunderabad-Mudkhed project will provide an alternative shorter direct route to Mumbai.'
  4. 'Unfortunately, sharing a liability with some other African tourist destinations, there is no direct flight to Khartoum.'
  5. 'Mr Mason compared that to the 70 or 80 trains that he estimated went through the village every day on a direct route between York and Leeds.'
  6. 'PC Braine, who used to be stationed at Pewsey, attempted to wade along the river to reach the woman, but decided it would be quicker to find a more direct route.'
  7. 'Since the flight was a direct one to Dublin, the question seemed oddly unsettling some 30,000 feet above the Irish Sea.'
  8. 'But with direct and cheap flights to all manner of more ‘civilised’ countries, I am sure they will not be stuck.'
  9. 'On an earlier expedition they had failed to discover the fabled and elusive Northwest Passage that would provide a direct route from Europe to the Orient.'
  10. 'However, from November 1, the airline will offer direct nonstop flights from Malé to Heathrow on Mondays and Fridays.'
  11. 'Remember Mercury normally speeds through a sign in than three weeks when its motion is direct.'
  12. 'Assuming planets are in direct motion, aspects are cast by swifter planets and received by slower ones.'
  13. 'Both planets were direct in motion; Mars was moving slowly and Venus was moving swiftly.'
Without intervening factors or intermediaries.
  1. 'I had no direct contact with Mr Clark'
  2. 'An inquest in Southampton heard that the former ship's fitter died of a lung disease caused as a direct result of contact with asbestos.'
  3. 'Such a structural change in the initiation complex can result from direct contacts between the transcription factor and RNA polymerase.'
  4. 'Contact dermatitis results from direct contact with one of many irritants or allergens.'
  5. 'That finally resulted in a direct intervention by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw which led to Ian's liberty.'
  6. 'Against Italy, their display as a pairing was very poor, and as these positions effectively control the game, a direct factor in the overall display.'
  7. 'In circle, we have the most direct contact with the Gods, and with the Divine within ourselves.'
  8. 'Roundtable participants identified several areas where there is a more direct link between facilities and productivity.'
  9. 'But at the same time, there was a renewed interest in Early Christian art, resulting from direct contacts with Rome.'
  10. 'However, those with the most direct contact with the camper may be in the best position to assess readiness.'
  11. 'It does mean, though, that interviewers need to be sensitive to the dangers to which victims may be exposed as a direct result of the interviewer's presence.'
  12. 'They can grow 12 inches high and 6 inches wide, prefer bright light but not direct sunlight.'
  13. 'It is animated by light - direct sunlight creates a glow.'
  14. 'This form would block direct sunlight coming from south of the east-west axis.'
  15. 'They need light but avoid direct sunlight, as they may get scorched.'
  16. 'But it is important not to overheat the casualty so do not apply a hot-water bottle or other source of direct heat.'
  17. 'Store in an amber coloured glass bottle away from direct heat or sunlight, and use within two months.'
  18. 'You can even choose a prismatic block to deliberately direct light onto a light coloured ceiling where it is softly diffused around the room.'
  19. 'The surfaces that will reflect the direct light and at the same time won't produce a glare are recommended here.'
  20. 'In some galleries, diffused light is supplemented with direct daylight.'
  21. 'Keep away from sources of heat (including direct sunlight, radiators, lamps and television sets).'
  22. 'a direct descendant of Edward III'
  23. 'Her mother was a direct descendant of George Washington's brother Samuel.'
  24. 'She was born in the Peddie region and is a direct descendant of the British 1820 settlers who colonised the Eastern Cape.'
  25. 'That would make him a direct descendant of Robert II - though I suspect this is unprovable.'
  26. 'I have been successful in tracing the Cooper family line back to the 1780s, but so far cannot find any of Mark Cooper's direct descendants.'
  27. 'A direct descendant of Henry VII, Viscount Mountgarret was Eton and Sandhurst educated and a former captain in the Irish Guards.'
  28. 'The research has shown a clear genetic relationship amongst Cohanim and their direct lineage from a common ancestor.'
  29. 'Although she gets reborn in a Caribbean setting, there is no direct lineage convincingly established for her.'
  30. 'He is probably related to - a direct descendant of, possibly - Hans Christian Andersen.'
  31. 'Why should the genetic relatedness effect be stronger for direct lineages than it is for peripheral lineages?'
  32. 'Both were direct progeny of that parent, and one of these inbreds had additional backcrossing to that parent in its pedigree.'
  33. 'The fact is, the standards for direct quotation in print media are scandalously low, and should be reformed.'
  34. 'This ends our direct quotation from Fisher's thesis, and his description of his machine.'
  35. 'There is the direct quotation from them in paragraph 15 (albeit followed by the words of the new rule).'
  36. 'Viewers gain a wealth of information about Wright and hear some of his direct quotations.'
  37. 'Except at the end of the last movement, he avoids direct quotation.'
  38. 'He cites not a single work, nor is there any direct quotation.'
  39. 'Here's a direct quotation from the written statement he issued this week.'
  40. 'However, the text contains few direct quotations or thoughts from Douglas herself.'
  41. 'Fromkin uses footnotes to identify direct quotations rather than to support historical argument.'
  42. 'This is a direct quotation from the President of the Royal Society of London, the Australian, who I gather was made a Lord the other day.'
  43. 'Thus the adoption of true free trade involves the abolition of all indirect taxation of whatever kind, and the resort to direct taxation for all public revenues.'
  44. 'But in direct contrast to this point the laid-back attitude is an awfully good antidote to stress - in theory.'
  45. 'I also think that the mayor is in direct contrast to the president.'
  46. 'Welsh's background is almost the direct opposite of McCall Smith's.'
  47. 'In direct contrast to this shape, it is easy to initially bypass the heavy mantelpiece placed high on the wall near the entrance.'
  48. 'This is, after all, the direct opposite of consumption.'
  49. 'In this vein they have made the quest for life, the universe and anything the main story thread which is in direct contrast to the original work.'
  50. 'This was in direct contrast to when the cold war was at its height.'
  51. 'The humour appears most frequently when actions and statements are the direct opposite of what is really felt.'
  52. 'In direct contrast, feminist accounts have pushed Shajara into the limelight at the cost of the events themselves.'
  53. 'What Goldsmith actually wrote is therefore the direct opposite of what Jenkins claims he wrote.'
(of a person or their behaviour) going straight to the point; frank.
  1. 'But I also liked how he was direct about the age thing, candid but tactful.'
  2. 'She always liked the way Miss Louise was always direct and straight.'
  3. 'I loved these people - they are so direct, there is no hidden agenda.'
  4. 'He is a bit upset by that, that anybody thought he was wanting to leave just for one half-time where I was more direct with the players than I have been for a few months.'
  5. 'He thinks they're more mature, they're more direct and they're much less dramatic.'
  6. 'He is so direct, he practically assaults the modern, spin-accustomed ear.'
  7. 'But, at the same time, he is a sincere and direct person, who doesn't fear saying what he thinks.'
  8. 'He's somewhat direct and straightforward in his approach to business.'
  9. 'She's very direct when you ask her about her pet hates.'
  10. 'He is an immensely likeable, straightforward and direct person.'
  11. 'there is no direct evidence that officials accepted bribes'
  12. 'Late on Friday night, authorities freed three of the protesters, saying there was no direct proof that they were involved in attacks on police.'
  13. 'Where direct proofs are lacking philosophy occupies the important place.'
  14. 'We saw no direct evidence that such information was being used, but it's certainly out there for the taking.'
  15. 'More direct evidence of water on Mars comes from detailed images obtained by Mars Global Surveyor.'
  16. 'As Mrs. Holland has not suffered a cardiac arrest, this evidence has no direct bearing on the issues that were before the Board.'
  17. 'Some point to the fact there is no direct evidence that Hitler himself gave the order for the final solution.'
  18. 'It is not a direct proof that the mind is something more than a machine, but a schema of disproof for any particular version of mechanism that may be put forward.'
  19. 'The evidence will have a direct bearing on any further investigations into the arms deal.'
  20. 'We know Roman coins were found there in times past, but there is no other direct evidence.'
  21. 'Defendants will have to call their informants or provide other direct evidence.'
Perpendicular to a surface; not oblique.


    With no one or nothing in between.
    1. 'However tension between the two over the deal led to the company being sold to Enel direct.'
    2. 'Although sales this time last year were buoyant many exporters and finishers used our catalogue to buy direct from farms.'
    3. 'If you can't face all that fiddle, follow my example and buy direct from small Dorset company, Thursday Cottage.'
    4. 'Of course when you live in NZ there are some caveats with buying consumer electronics direct from Japan.'
    5. 'Prior to this date personnel were enlisted direct and not included with figures rendered by military recruiting authorities.'
    6. 'We used to buy so many kettle elements that we bought them direct from the manufacturer in crates of 100.'
    7. 'One overriding principle governs farmers' markets everywhere: the producer sells direct to the consumer.'
    8. 'There's been a lot of talk about manufacturers selling direct to the consumer.'
    9. 'Austrian Airlines are flying direct to Innsbruck again'


    1. to manage or guide by advice, helpful information, instruction, etc.: He directed the company through a difficult time.

    2. to regulate the course of; control: History is directed by a small number of great men and women.

    3. to administer; manage; supervise: She directs the affairs of the estate.

    4. to give authoritative instructions to; command; order or ordain: I directed him to leave the room.

    5. to serve as a director in the production or performanc

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