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Relating to or provided by diet.
  1. 'The possible associations between specific nutrients or dietary patterns in pregnancy and later disease need to be established.'
  2. 'I hope this article will offer insight into the risks, benefits, and indications for use of this dietary therapy.'
  3. 'Efforts to lower cholesterol through dietary manipulations have had only modest effects.'
  4. 'My diet must be contributing but no physician has offered any dietary advice.'
  5. 'Some patients may benefit from dietary counseling by a dietitian.'
  6. 'Smoking is the major risk factor for chronic respiratory symptoms, but dietary factors may also play a role.'
  7. 'They include acupuncture, dietary therapy, herbal therapy, meditation and energy exercises.'
  8. 'Diet sheets and supporting written resources facilitated the dietary prescription to patients.'
  9. 'Do they have to change their diet, is there a dietary intervention as well to get that sort of weight loss, or do they just continue as before?'
  10. 'We assessed diet with the dietary instrument for nutrition education score, and we assessed smoking and exercise with the health practices index.'


A regulated or restricted diet.


    1. of or relating to diet: a dietary cure. noun, plural dietaries.

    2. a regulated allowance of food.

    3. Obsolete. a system or course of diet.

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    "fibres can be dietary."

    "supplements can be dietary."

    "intakes can be dietary."

    "calciums can be dietary."

    "habits can be dietary."

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    Late Middle English (as a noun): from medieval Latin dietarium, from Latin diaeta (see diet).