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(in Christian and Jewish belief) the supreme spirit of evil; Satan.
  1. 'the work of the devil'
  2. 'Once God is absent, the Devil starts making his own plans with help of human agents.'
  3. 'I have no idea what the Islamic version of Hell and the Devil is like, so maybe the symbolism really is lost on them.'
  4. 'Listen to him for a day and you would think the Devil was here walking in our midst in the form of Liberals and the Left.'
  5. 'As if to deceive the Devil himself, this humblest of men turns out to be the Son of God.'
  6. 'The bible says today is the day of salvation, the Devil always says tomorrow.'
  7. 'Hinduism is the only religion, whose God does not have any enemy, like the Devil or the Satan.'
  8. 'It may be a bargain with the Devil, but it is a bargain that may be worthwhile in many cases.'
  9. 'After all, if it rises from the grave to murder innocent Christians, it has to be from the Devil, right?'
  10. 'Many refer to the Devil, or rely on descriptions of satanic cults as symbols of evil and death.'
  11. 'The majority is educated through movies and entertainment and recognizes that the pentacle is a sign of the Devil.'
  12. 'Ignore her as she is being borne away by these devils, these demons, these evil creatures with the intention of - what?'
  13. 'In science fiction there can be no inexplicable marvels, no transcendences, no devils or demons.'
  14. 'Some perceive them as demons, devils and harbingers of evil.'
  15. 'It can also take the form of an exorcism, where the treatment is meant to drive out an evil spirit or devil from the victim.'
  16. 'The whole devil/evil spirit/demons/possession thing fascinates me, it always has.'
  17. 'The Holy Fools were tasked to protect Tripitaka on his journey, and protect him they did, from all manner of demons and devils.'
  18. 'And in the modern day, there's an equation relating UFOs and abduction experience to devils and demons as well.'
  19. 'The Bible is almost silent about devils in the Old Testament.'
  20. 'Far from being a discouraging picture of evil, cinematic devils are cool, calculating and one step ahead of the mere mortals whose souls they seek to add to their collections.'
  21. 'We are taught about angels, witches, devils, spirits, monsters, gods, etc. virtually in the cradle.'
  22. 'they prefer voting for devils than for decent men'
  23. 'For all the government's other failings, many voters may prefer the devil they know.'
  24. 'We vote for the devil we know rather then the Devil we don't.'
  25. 'The principle of social continuity - Conservatives prefer the devil they know to the devil they don't know.'
  26. '‘This will be the job of all the sons of this homeland… until we can rest assured that our country is free of devils and wicked people,’ Nayef said.'
  27. 'Yeah Joe Clark would prefer the devil we have now because Joe Clark himself is of the same breed as Paul Martin.'
  28. 'Plucked strings, bluegrass rhythms, deep gospel accompaniment and stories of sinners and devils are the order of the day.'
  29. 'Stakeholders included relevant agents of class outside of Swapo, who preferred to keep the devil they knew in power rather than opting for an unknown alternative.'
  30. 'Actually, you should probably just read that whole paragraph, it's almost envious of the wild, sun and sand lifestyle of that rogue devil Hussein.'
  31. 'Finally he decides that because he prefers the advice the devil is giving him, he'll listen to it and run.'
  32. 'There were 4 other people waiting with me; 2 grannies, a mother and her devil of a son.'
  33. 'Edward's strength was not a match for this Savoyard, and the devil was in him to make him think of tilting against one of such superior force.'
  34. 'She was full of the devil, as my mother would say.'
  35. 'That exhibit was the devil to put together, I can tell you.'
A person with specified characteristics.
  1. 'you lucky devil'
  2. 'One would think that the police would be allowed not to prosecute when they lose eight out of 10 cases, but the Crown Law Office sends to court the poor devils who have already been traumatised.'
  3. 'Maybe she is and maybe she isn't, and the audience will judge for themselves, but what else is the poor devil going to say?'
  4. 'Theatre Network's David Cheoros is one romantic devil.'
  5. 'Now, this handsome devil to my right is Edwin Graham.'
  6. 'A morass of half-reconstituted chicken curry didn't go down all that well; I'm sure the poor devils thought I was trying to poison them.'
  7. 'Thus, the first order of the new Pax Americana is to bring those we deem as heathens to democracy, to modernize the poor devils, and while we're at it teach them the beauties of a more materialistic culture.'
  8. 'As Auntie Mame so colorfully stated, life is a banquet- and most poor devils are starving to death.'
  9. 'Poor devil had his tongue cut out, so he trained the parrot to talk for him.'
  10. 'It got to the point where the poor devil daren't leave the bedroom door even slightly ajar for fear that I would sneakily insert a syringe through the gap in an attempt to feed him tea intravenously.'
Expressing surprise or annoyance in various questions or exclamations.
  1. 'There was a knock at the door and Lori nearly fell off her bed when she heard it, ‘Lori what the devil is wrong with you?’'
An instrument or machine fitted with sharp teeth or spikes, used for tearing or other destructive work.
  1. 'The rag-tearer or 'devil' had been equipped with teeth instead of the original blades, so that it was capable of tearing up the better qualities of cloth.'
A junior assistant of a barrister or other professional.
  1. 'Assisted by a "devil," an aspiring barrister in his or her first year of practice, they work alone, the often flamboyant superstars of the Irish legal system.'


Act as a junior assistant for a barrister or other professional.
  1. 'There was Kyle Leyden, a young barrister about to embark on the two-year apprenticeship known as devilling.'
  2. 'As I'd never (to my knowledge) supped with the devil, I was thrilled to find myself in the company of a junior barrister who's devilling at the moment.'
Harass or worry (someone)
  1. 'People will devil their own children, spouses, parents, co-workers and neighbors.'

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1. Theology. (sometimes initial capital letter) the supreme spirit of evil; Satan. a subordinate evil spirit at enmity with God, and having power to afflict humans both with bodily disease and with spiritual corruption.

2. an atrociously wicked, cruel, or ill-tempered person.

3. a person who is very clever, energetic, reckless, or mischievous.

4. a person, usually one in unfortunate or pitiable circumstances: The poor devil kept losing jobs through no fault of his own.

5. Also call


(devil)Old English dēofol (related to Dutch duivel and German Teufel), via late Latin from Greek diabolos ‘accuser, slanderer’ (used in the Septuagint to translate Hebrew śāṭān ‘Satan’), from diaballein ‘to slander’, from dia ‘across’ + ballein ‘to throw’.


be a devil!
between the devil and the deep blue sea
devil a —
the devil can quote scripture for his purpose
the devil finds work for idle hands to do
the devil looks after his own
a devil of a —
the devil's dozen
the devil's in the detail
the devil's own —
(the) devil take the hindmost
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give the devil his due
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