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Relating to or characteristic of demons or evil spirits.
  1. 'her laughter was demonic'
  2. 'Even today, Levitation is often thought to be involved in cases of demonic possession.'
  3. 'She shoved past a merchant selling amulets to ward against evil entities and demonic sprites.'
  4. 'It was my first experience of being addressed by a demonic spirit through someone else's lips.'
  5. 'What made the 1973 film stand out was that it set its demonic possession in a humdrum modern-day context.'
  6. 'Was there some evil demonic being looking to recruit unsuspecting people for a diabolical plan?'
  7. 'I eventually gave up and called a priest to come over and exorcise the demonic spirits.'
  8. 'The appearance may just be your psychological patterns, but for you it is a spirit, it is demonic, and it is real.'
  9. 'In fact, she showed many of the classic signs of advanced demonic possession.'
  10. 'He also well knew that demonic violence has long characterized human affairs.'
  11. 'There is no such thing as demonic possession; and in just the same way there is no such thing as knowledge of the external world.'
  12. 'She remembered being furious with the demonic Keytako, and that's when she blacked out.'
  13. 'They have to be joyous peasants, drunken students and evil spirits singing demonic gibberish.'
  14. 'He breathes a blend of demonic intensity and weary detachment in his character's unforgettable vision.'


1. inspired as if by a demon, indwelling spirit, or genius.

2. demoniac (def 1).

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"symboliseds can be demonic about rights."

"structures can be demonic in powers."

"structures can be demonic in influences."

"people can be demonic in/at/on times."

"peasants can be demonic in rages."

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Mid 17th century: via late Latin from Greek daimonikos, from daimōn (see demon).