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(of a task) requiring much skill or effort.
  1. 'Raising children is a demanding task; it requires energy and attention round the clock.'
  2. 'She was still slender and wiry despite her demanding job teaching at Harvard University.'
  3. 'Professional ministry within congregations is often presented as an amazingly difficult and overly demanding task.'
  4. 'The temptation is to linger over these while neglecting other, more demanding tasks.'
  5. 'Our goal is not to over-saturate pilots, but allow them to develop proficiency in basic skills and then introduce more demanding tasks.'
  6. 'You obviously have a very demanding training schedule, how do you stop yourself from getting run down?'
  7. 'It is a highly complex and demanding task that requires that a number of skills be performed simultaneously.'
  8. 'Women engage in food preparation, child rearing, carpet weaving, and other tasks within the compound, while men take care of the animals and do the physically demanding tasks.'
  9. 'But don't go breathing a sigh of relief, for this is the most demanding task yet.'
  10. 'She has been an invaluable help in this very time-consuming and demanding job.'
  11. 'he was a demanding baby, and rarely slept through the night'
  12. 'My dream for the business is that we can continue to provide affordable, quality childcare that meets the demands of a very demanding customer base.'
  13. 'These boats are old, inefficient, and in some cases in need of extensive work if they are to meet the demanding safety standards that now apply to Ireland's fishing fleet.'
  14. 'But our canine counterparts can be extremely demanding.'
  15. 'Although schedules for architecture students are very demanding, we too deserve the right to easy access to services that are available to everyone else at the university.'
  16. 'The design team reasoned women are the most demanding customers and if you meet their expectations you exceed expectations of men.'
  17. 'He answers to shareholders and legions of demanding fans.'
  18. 'He is a very confident person and he is a very demanding person.'
  19. 'Her response was to jump up on to the kitchen counter and to sit by the tap, glaring at me until I turned it on to produce a trickle of the exact strength to meet her demanding standards.'
  20. 'She could've kicked herself for the demanding tone in which she asked the question.'
  21. 'I'm very demanding on myself, and I'm very demanding of the people around me.'



1. requiring or claiming more than is generally felt by others to be due: a demanding teacher.

2. calling for intensive effort or attention; taxing: a demanding job.

More examples(as adjective)

"processes can be demanding of times."

"processes can be demanding of resources."

"jazzs can be demanding in classes."

"jazzs can be demanding at paces."

"exercises can be demanding in classes."

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