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(of a space) full of people, leaving little or no room for movement; packed.
  1. 'the crowded streets of Southwark'
  2. 'On February 8, 2001, a powerful remote-controlled car bomb went off in the crowded Beit Yisrael area of Jerusalem.'
  3. 'In the fantasy, we are sitting in a booth of a very crowded restaurant.'
  4. 'Such a goal, he explains, would provide him with some "differentiation in a crowded market."'
  5. 'A teenager was jailed yesterday for killing a rape suspect by stabbing him in the middle of a crowded shopping street.'
  6. 'The flock of lawyers, looking like big birds to me, crowded around the bench to get the judge's attention.'
  7. 'In support of his claim, he tells a story of riding a crowded night train through New York State.'
  8. 'Anti-terror chiefs fear the target could have been the London Underground system, Gatwick airport or a crowded public area like a shopping centre.'
  9. 'Of course, any time from mid November is likely to be a bit crowded.'
  10. 'The train was moderately patronized, not too crowded at all.'
  11. 'In the shark universe of business, particularly the crowded Web field, stasis means death.'


1. filled to excess; packed.

2. filled with a crowd: crowded streets.

3. uncomfortably close together: crowded passengers on a bus.

More examples(as adjective)

"airfields can be crowded with people."

"wards can be crowded into airs."

"themselveses can be crowded by slips."

"places can be crowded with chatters."

"packets can be crowded with figures."

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